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How a Shopify SEO Expert Can Help You Get More Traffic

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Traffic is the important key to any successful website. No matter what kinds of services you offer or what products you have on display, you need a constant flow of traffic visiting your website every day, otherwise, you are simply not going to get enough sales.

Think of web traffic like foot traffic coming into a retail outlet. How are you going to sell any merchandise if no one ever steps foot into the building? A Shopify SEO expert that understands how to rank eCommerce websites, might be what you need if your traffic has been lagging behind that of your competitors.

What Can a Shopify SEO Expert Do?

Well, what exactly can an SEO expert do that you can’t do? The truth is that even if you have a background in both search engine optimization and eCommerce, there’s no way that you can match the skills and knowledge of someone who is on the front lines every day when it comes to ranking websites.

SEO is only getting more and more complex with each passing year. Google has actually alluded to the fact that there are more than 200 different ranking signals that it bases its algorithm on. Can you believe that? 200 different factors that you have to consider if you want to get those page one ranking.

The average person who isn’t a true expert in SEO might be able to pinpoint a dozen or so ranking signals. Maybe two dozen if they are particularly aware of the industry. This means you are almost surely not optimizing your website correctly or taking the proper steps that are needed in order to actually rank.

A skilled Shopify expert will know exactly how to put together a winning strategy for your business that is based on all of these important ranking factors – and more. They will provide everything you need to truly grow your business through properly implemented eCommerce digital marketing. A well-managed SEO campaign can work wonders for your Shopify store. From brand awareness to a better user experience, they will help you make the necessary changes in order to get more traffic than ever before.

The Best Way to Get More Traffic to Your Website

SEO, is correctly implemented, is a surefire way to get more traffic to your website. You don’t have to think twice about investing in SEO, but you do want to make sure that the specific agency that you select understands your platform and has a background in running campaigns for eCommerce businesses.

That’s where Genius eCommerce® comes into the picture. They are an eCommerce-based seo agency that knows Shopify quite well. They have years of experience with running SEO campaigns for Shopify stores specifically, which means that they are perfectly suited to help your business prosper and grow.

Want to get more traffic to your website and finally start moving past your competitors? Genius eCommerce® is the agency you need to call. Their team of SEO experts will be able to help you manage your digital marketing and will work with you to improve your website and get the recognition you deserve.

It’s important to remember that traffic rarely, if ever, comes to websites unearned. If you are really want to turn on the faucet and get a steady stream of traffic to your website, you have to put in the right amount of time and money. Your website needs to stand out and have all of the proper optimizations in place, otherwise it’s unlikely that this traffic will just appear out of nowhere. Make right choice for your business and contact Genius eCommerce® today!

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