11.06.2024 09:30

Here to Stay: How Blogging for Business Will Change

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For those who are wondering whether blogging is some sort of passing fad or that it has reached the peak of its effectiveness, here is a definitive answer for you: No.

Despite being around for more than 10 years, blogging is still an emerging medium. It is constantly evolving, with new techniques and services being developed all the time. This year we witnessed the rise of the infograph, which will continue grown in terms of importance.

Next year it will be something different. Blogging will also continue to grow in popularity, both with casual blogging and with blogging for business. With the New Year fast approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the future of blogging for business and what you expect to see in 2024 and beyond.

  1. Better Analytics. Measuring ROI has probably been the greatest challenge that brands see when it comes to blogging. As a result, a number of software and marketing firms have been looking to find ways to better show (and predict) ROI. Expect to see more development on this soon.
  2. The Rise of Mobile Blogging. Just about everything that has to do with the internet is finding its way to mobile devices, and blogging is no exception. There are already a number of apps that allow individuals to blog from anywhere. Expect to see more on-the-go style blogs in the future.
  3. Improved Technology/Software. Increases in the general population’s bandwidth means that we will see more HD video and other multimedia on blogs.  Increases in accessibility and pop-and-drop tools means that even the most amateur blogger can have a sophisticated, slick looking blog.
  4. Continued Integration with Social Media. As social media and blogging see an increases in use, so too will their integration increase. Expect to see the lines between the two get even fuzzier as time goes on.
  5. Blogs as Credible News Sources. Expect to see more credible, respected blogs being regarded as serious news sources. The Huffington Post is regarded as the first major example of this, but expect to see more in the future.

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