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Here are Some Security Tips for Your Business

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Your business’s safety should be your first priority. There are many factors that could negatively impact your business’s safety. A huge risk is posed by former employees who harbor grudges and criminals as well as rival businesses that use dirty tactics. The idea that a place isn’t secure is also bad for business. It can bother your employees as well as potential customers.

Good news: Locksmiths in Winnipeg can help you find solutions to protect your commercial space.

Key Duplication Services

Multiple copies of your keys are essential for a business. If you lose or break your keys, you could end up in serious trouble. You don’t need to search for it to open your shop or office, but you will need to find extra keys in case of an emergency.

You might consider giving a copy to trusted employees if you aren’t running your own business. They won’t trust you to open the doors if you aren’t available.

Lock Rekeying

Many businesses find that having their locks changed isn’t an option. A lock key is the best choice in such situations. Rekeying is a way to change the locking mechanism of the locks. They will no longer work.

This is a cost-effective solution that many businesses can afford and will not have to replace their locks. A rekey can be an option if you have lost your keys or are concerned that someone could use them.

Wi-Fi Keypad Deadbolt Installation

Wi-Fi deadbolts have been a popular solution in the commercial market. Wi-Fi deadbolts are easily controlled by an app for your smartphone, which allows you to make quick changes. These deadbolts are great for security because they don’t require keys. Instead, you can use a pin that can be changed by the owner at any time.

It is recommended to use a longer and more complex key combination. This will make it harder for brute-force crackers. Businesses can adjust the strike plate using their Wi-Fi deadbolts. This provides additional security for their installations.

Electric Strike Installation

An electric strike is the easiest way to add security to your doors. An electric strike is an alternative to traditional door strikes. An electric strike is a hinged metal piece that secures the door to the frame.

It is made of strong metal, so it can be opened with brute force. Other solutions, such as key fobs, are often used in electric strikes. They are also included in WIFI deadbolts. The lock is powered by a power supply and requires an electrical signal to unlock the metal part.

How to Get New Locks

Rekeying is often a waste of money that will not pay off in the long term. Most locksmiths will recommend that you replace locks that are old, worn out, damaged beyond repair, susceptible to malfunctions, or inexpensive.

You can find stronger, more durable options. You can get stronger, more durable options if you are moving to a new location or have experienced problems with break-ins.

Camera Installation

Businesses have realized the importance of having a camera. It keeps criminals and other people with bad intentions from your business premises. You can also record the footage and, if necessary, capture it. The footage can be used later as evidence.

A security system installation company can give you suggestions on where to place a camera to maximize its effectiveness and optimize its placement.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems can be used to modernize and enhance your security system. Access control systems are used to restrict access to certain areas of the building. They can be placed at the main entrance or at specific locations depending on your needs.

There are many options available depending on which model you choose for access control systems. RFID scanners are used in offices with cards that contain chips that match the scanner. Some use fingerprint scanners, while keypads are another option.


Businesses should consider a security upgrade, especially for their locks. They are the first line of defense against most threats that could harm them.

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