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HealthTap Puts Remote Healthcare in the Hands of Consumers

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Covid-19 brought a new spotlight to telehealth. The virus caused fears and restrictions that led to a drastic reduction in the number of people receiving care. Remote healthcare services were forced to take over.

Remote healthcare isn’t going away, even though the worst days of the pandemic may be over.

Similar to remote work, being able to offer safe and accessible healthcare without having to be present will continue to be an integral part of the healthcare industry moving forward.

HealthTap is one company that continues to champion telehealth, pandemic or otherwise. HealthTap offers a tech-forward, remote-friendly healthcare service. It aims to continue offering affordable and better healthcare through the expanding remote healthcare channel.

How HealthTap Puts Healthcare in The Hands of Consumers

HealthTap was founded in 2010 and has been working towards this goal for more than a decade.

Its tech-based solutions, which are industry leaders in their field, are continuously pushing the company towards its goal of making primary care available to everyone in America — regardless of whether they have insurance.

This innovative brand of remote healthcare is changing the status quo in many ways and leading the way to a more healthy, telehealth-friendly future.

A Healthcare Reset: Same Healthcare — Different Approach

HealthTap’s unique approach to solving the problem is what sets it apart from other healthcare options.

Similar companies aim to improve the healthcare system. The solution for the HealthTap team was to start from a consumer-centric perspective and back up.

With this in mind, founders asked key questions:

  • What are consumers looking for?
  • What are patients looking to find?
  • Do they not have access to the right services? The current system is full of inefficiencies and costs that have been discovered throughout the process. Patients seek simple and straight answers to their most difficult health problems. Inefficiencies are often discovered.

Too often, insurance companies influence the selection of doctors, procedures, and medications. Patients are often restricted by geographical limitations, which can make it difficult to find the right doctor for them.

No matter what the circumstance, third-party entities that have other goals or objectives should not make such personal, important decisions.

Other areas of their lives are controlled by consumers. They should be able to make decisions about their healthcare. The HealthTap team worked hard to develop its remote healthcare solutions.

Comprehensive Remote Healthcare: HealthTap’s End to End Experience

HealthTap’s focus on virtual primary healthcare is one of its strengths.

The company worked hard to create a network that treats each patient as a human being and not as a collection of symptoms.

Each appointment can be made by the same doctor. This helps them build trust over time.

HealthTap offers this personal touch and a strong set of tech tools to help you keep your costs down and make it easy for you to access services around the clock.

The AI asks members questions and provides a digital interview. HealthTap’s system uses this to triage each patient. It classifies their issues and assigns a level of urgency. For example, a sore thumb is not as urgent as a sore knee.

The company then uses this information to schedule a virtual consultation with a physician. You can use a variety of remote healthcare communication channels to accomplish this. Patients can contact providers via text, audio, or a combination of audio and video. Video is recommended, however, for maximum effectiveness.

Virtual communication allows patients and doctors to communicate with each other, allowing them to discuss their symptoms. As the patient moves from one end of the telehealth experience to the next, doctors can also provide treatment plans.

Accessibility: Anytime, Anywhere Treatment

HealthTap’s remote health services are different than traditional healthcare in that they can be accessed at any hour of the day.

It’s not just convenient to have 24/7 care. It’s essential.

No matter what time structure man has created, illness can occur. Traditional healthcare services are available from 9-5 Monday through Friday. This is unfortunately true during the busiest hours of any working business.

This makes it difficult for individuals to make a choice between their health and their school and work responsibilities. They must choose from overloaded, expensive after-hours urgent care centers or emergency rooms if they are unable to do so.

HealthTap offers consumers an unprecedented level of control, allowing them to access healthcare solutions according to their schedule.

Low Costs: Efficiency is the key to affordability

Healthcare is costly. It’s not a secret. This problem has been increasing for many years. The recent pandemic only made matters worse. In fact, healthcare costs increased by 10% in 2020, the year that began the crisis.

HealthTap’s telehealth service is a quality alternative to HealthTap, but it’s still expensive.

HealthTap’s tech-focused format makes quality alternatives possible. The AI and other tech elements of HealthTap automate many manual and routine healthcare-related tasks. Both members and doctors benefit from this, as it saves time and reduces the amount of rigmarole.

It equates to drastically lower costs when there’s a reduction in time and effort. It’s also offered through a service that, according to the company, is “less than our favorite subscription video.”

The Healthcare Bells and Whistles

This innovative approach to healthcare does not just eliminate many of the costs and inconveniences associated with traditional healthcare. Digitally-driven Telehealth has opened up new avenues for innovation.

HealthTap’s software, for example, has been streamlined to personalize the presentation and organization of personal data. All information, including notes from virtual doctor consultations and prescribed treatment plans, is securely stored in one location.

This information can be accessed from any digital device, at any hour of the day or night, due to its digital nature.

The HealthTap team’s industry expertise has allowed it to create a system that is both safe and secure. A 2018 study found that nearly two-thirds of people expressed concern about the electronic management of their health information.

Privacy Protection for Sensitive Digital Data

HealthTap can overcome this concern. HealthTap has invested more than a decade in its network.

The development team didn’t rush to set up a telehealth infrastructure. This is often the case with many other providers who switched to this format during the pandemic.

HealthTap was already well-established before the crisis. Their tech tools are therefore already reliable and efficient. This allows R&D to concentrate on other priorities such as expanding the company’s network of board-certified healthcare professionals.

Board-certified healthcare professionals are available to answer any call. Patients can also reach a professional from anywhere within the HealthTap network.

Telehealth is here to stay. It can be daunting to choose the right remote healthcare provider. Consumers should look into options such as HealthTap which provides targeted tech tools and high-quality network doctors and safe, affordable, and accessible healthcare solutions.
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