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Gummies help Those Who can’t Swallow Pills

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With the US supplement and vitamin market booming and new products hitting the stores all the time, manufacturers are producing an alternative to the usual tablet form that consumers used to have to take.

There are a lot of people across the world that are unable to swallow tablets, a problem that is much more common than you would initially think.

Whether it is due to a psychological or medical reason, some people really struggle to swallow pills and tablets, which is problematic when it comes to staying healthy.For many, it really is just a psychological problem; whether that stems from a choking incident as a child or something else, we can’t be sure.

But generally, it is the fear of choking, and with that, your body naturally reacts and your natural “gag reflex” makes your throat tense and narrow, preventing the normal swallowing action that is needed for you to consume tablets and pills.

Other people may have a medical condition such as dysphagia (which is the medical term for difficulty in swallowing), and this is often a side effect of a head injury or a stroke.

Either way, it is an affliction that affects many thousands of people across the world, which for some, makes taking supplements and vitamins in their current form a bitter pill to swallow.

If you are one of those unfortunate people who find swallowing pills and tablets difficult, read on because help is at hand.

Chewable vitamins and supplements have been around for a fair few years, but they have mainly been aimed at children who won’t or can’t take a tablet but would be happy to chew a delicious, sweet fruit candy.

With this in mind, many manufacturers of medicinal products, health supplements, and vitamins have now started to produce their adult supplements and vitamin products in gummy form instead of tablet form. This helps those consumers who have difficulty in swallowing tablets.

What are Gummies?

Gummies are hard but chewable candies like Gummy Bears, Goldbears from Haribo, or similar hard “jelly-like” candies. Gummy supplements and vitamins are chewable “candies” with a similar taste and texture to gummy candies, and they come in an assortment of shapes, colors, and flavors.

Gummy supplements and vitamins instantly appeal to both adults and children and are becoming more and more popular, particularly with those that find swallowing pills difficult.

So, while the popularity of gummy supplements and vitamins has increased exponentially, what is more, surprising is that the increased sales of gummy supplements and vitamins are down to adults rather than children.

One reason is that adults naturally take more vitamins and supplements than children. However, owing to our hectic lifestyles, we sometimes fall short when it comes to nutrition and often have unbalanced diets thanks to busy lives, daily stresses, and lack of time and motivation to prepare a healthy balanced meal.

Examples of Gummy Supplements

Dietary supplements are a good way to boost your immune system, add nutrients to a poor diet, and also boost your energy levels. It’s no surprise that so many adult men and women have piled into the gummy supplement and vitamin market.

Gummies are a much more practical way to take your dietary supplements and vitamins, and a 2016 report into Vitamins, minerals & supplements by Mintel stated that “supplement shoppers are looking at gummies because they like a fun and tasty approach to vitamin and mineral consumption.”

Let’s look at apple cider vinegar, for example. The health benefits of drinking this daily are pretty amazing, and it can help with your digestion, help you lose weight and belly fat, lower your cholesterol, and lower your blood sugar levels.

And because it is also an antimicrobial substance, it could also help kill bacteria in the stomach or intestines, which is beneficial if you have a disease like Crohn’s.

Apple cider vinegar, however, is exactly what it suggests – vinegar with a sharp, sour taste that could certainly put you off ingesting it in its natural form.

It is, of course, available in tablet and capsule form from many stores but, if you are one of the unlucky people we mentioned above who has difficulty in swallowing pills, and you can’t stomach the taste of vinegar, what would you do?

Manufacturers have thought of everything, and as such, the answer to that question is relatively easy with apple cider vinegar gummies.  These gummies have been designed to be more palatable for consumers with no vinegar taste whatsoever and instead offer a pleasant flavor and texture in your mouth when chewed.

Gummies are a super alternative to pills and tablets and are ingested and digested quickly into your bloodstream, much the same as tablets but without all the fuss.

Gummy supplements, on the whole, are made with natural ingredients, colors, and flavors, so the future of the dietary supplement industry is looking particularly bright, and manufacturers really are on to a winner with these little candies.

We hope that the areas we have covered in this article have been informative and interesting for you and that you might now feel confident to try gummy supplements.

The supplements, nutrients, and vitamins world is evolving rapidly, with the end consumer being very much at the forefront of the supplement manufacturers’ minds. So expect lots more exciting and flavorsome products to be released soon.

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