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Free POS System is Right for Your Business? yes.

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What’s the POS or Point of a Point of Sale System?

POS or Point of a Point of Sale SystemA point of sale system, or POS, is the area where your client makes a payment for services or products in your shop. In other words, each time a client makes a purchase in your store, they are finishing a point of sale transaction.


A Point of Sale (POS) is a method in a retail shop where you run the sale of physical products. At a shop, a POS is a point where the voucher occurs, orders are processed and invoices are paid.

Learn about the pros and cons of using a free POS system for your business.

  1. The price of a point-of-sale (POS) system often straight correlates to the features, limitations and confront it offers.
  2. A free point-of-sale system can protect you money and is ideal for small businesses that rarely process card payments and don’t need advanced point-of-sale software functions.
  3. Most free point-of-sale systems are tied to high transaction fees, limited features or multiyear processing contracts.
  4. To choose a free point-of-sale system, analyze your budget, industry, business size and the feature you need.

A point-of-sale (POS)Direct, perpendicular, A point-of-sale (POS) system is an integral element for the majority of companies, and it is hard to get the system that’s the correct match for your organization’s specific needs.

Since POS hardware and software can be found in a variety of combinations and price factors, company owners may choose and pick what works best for them. Occasionally, that best choice is at no cost.

On the other hand, the age-old expression”you get what you pay for” rings true more often than not — and POS systems are no exception. Though using a free POS system to finish your consumer transactions might appear to be a fantastic alternative, it’s its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

John Moss, CEO of English Blinds, said business owners should be cautious of the constraints and additional fees which could include a free POS system.

“You will find free POS systems in as much as there are methods you may get set up with no upfront cost, cost, or establish monthly charge, but these generally cost more per trade or have limitations set up so as to counteract this,” Moss told business.com. “There is not any such thing as a free lunch, after all, only different methods of paying for items.”

It’s vital for business owners to value the advantages and constraints of free POS applications before leaping to a plan which might be too good to be true. The very best POS system for the enterprise will be dependent on your small business size, business, budget and the features your company needs.

The benefits of using a free POS system

free POS systemFree point-of-sale application software is occasionally included with your cell credit card processing support. This is sometimes the ideal selection for some tiny companies; it all depends upon which you want to use the applications.

The most evident (and probably the only) advantage is cost savings. Some POS systems may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which might not be sensible or even possible for very tiny companies that perform couple card transactions.

“The benefits of using a free POS system would be that if you seldom procedure card payments, then you do not need to pay a set or upfront fee to get a system you are not receiving many benefits from simply to function the occasional customer,” said Moss. “You also don’t tend to get tied into a contract”.

Though pay-as-you-go pricing without a long-term contract might be the sole benefits of working with the free point-of-sale choice from a cell credit card processor, it may be advantageous enough that some tiny companies prefer it. If you don’t have to process several credit cards and do not need the additional advantages of many paid POS apps (e.g., stock monitoring, employee and client control ( third-party applications integration), then a free POS system may be a terrific addition to your company operations.

If you aren’t locked into a POS contract, then you also have the luxury of changing to another POS system in the foreseeable future, after your company expands or your own credit card processing requires change.

The limitations of using a free POS system

The limitations of using a free POS systemFree POS systems are marketed as only that — free — however, this isn’t necessarily the entire truth.

Though initial setup expenses, a monthly POS app subscription or the purchase of POS hardware might be redeemed, you’re often still on the hook for credit card processing charges.

Bear in mind that free POS systems generally limit your ability to pick your own chip and develop with higher transaction fees than their counterparts that are paid.

This is a drawback if you process a high volume of credit card transactions.

Using a free POS system, what you save money is frequently lost in attributes. Moss explained that these attribute restrictions vary by POS supplier, but it is typical for free systems to restrict your number of stock items, users or registers. Though some POS applications can be pricey, the capacities typically match the purchase price.

If you expect you will require the additional capacities that lots of paid POS systems provide, it might be tricky to locate a free POS system that could accommodate your requirements. Most free systems arrive with fundamental buying capacities, not the compensated perks. You are not likely to locate a free POS system that has convenient features like inventory tracking, revenue data or company performance reports, third party integrations, and client and employee administration.

Consider which attributes your company currently needs and which ones you’ll probably need later on. Though the”free” cost could be enticing, but it may not be a sensible alternative for your company. This is particularly true for larger companies and the ones that run many credit card transactions every month.

The best free POS systems

There are lots of POS systems that promise to be liberated; nonetheless, they frequently charge for certain attributes and add-ons. Because of this, it’s necessary that you assess POS app and hardware for your personal computer to determine whether a system suits your precise requirements and price range.

POS systemsIf you’re searching for the finest free POS system, you will probably find portable credit card chips that offer free POS applications — so long as you use that firm as your processor also.

Some of the greatest companies that do that are SumUp, PayPal and Square. Remember that in case you select among those chips, you’ll be locked into using a credit card chip, rather than having an open-source POS system that’s compatible with an assortment of chips. This may be problematic if you would like to change to a credit card chip with lower costs or better attributes.

According to our study, Square is your finest low-fee credit card processing support accessible, and its fundamental POS system is among the very robust. It costs flat-rate transaction prices and contains many characteristics which you can enhance your system after as your company develops. All these are significant advantages to think about when selecting a free POS system.

 POS systems but need you to sign lengthy contracts.Be skeptical of chips offering completely free POS systems but need you to sign lengthy contracts.

By way of instance, some suppliers offers free POS hardware should you register a multiyear contract for processing, but you generally still have to cover a monthly POS app subscription.

The contracts are not really merchant-friendly, as they are noncancelable — even in the event that you go out of business.

The free POS apps from eHopper and Loyverse are great possibilities for small businesses like cafes, beauty salons and retail shops which are on the lookout for a free portable POS app. Nonetheless, these free systems have limits. By way of instance, Loyverse charges a monthly fee for extra features like stock or worker direction, and you’re going to need to register to eHopper’s paid app to have the ability to call customer service.

What is the best free POS system for bars or restaurants?

POS system for bars or restaurantsIn case you’ve got a tiny counter-service restaurant or cafe, then you could be able to successfully utilize free POS software.

It’s going be significantly harder when you’ve got a full size restaurant or pub and need restaurant-specific attributes like ingredient-level inventory monitoring, tab direction, suggestion monitoring, and table or menu administration.

Loyverse includes a restaurant edition of its free POS software which has a fantastic choice of attributes, such as control direction with modifiers and stock management which may monitor components. But you will probably wish to sign up for its paid innovative inventory module so it is possible to earn inventory alterations, run inventory counts and handle purchase orders.

Similarly, eHopper’s free POS app provides a few restaurant attributes, such as order modifiers and suggestion management, but you will want to upgrade to a paid app to get a menu builder, fixing management and low-stock alarms.

How to choose a free POS system

Given that there are numerous free POS system alternatives available, each with its own capacities and constraints, it’s very important to estimate your existing business needs before deciding on a system.

best POS systemTo assist you to select the very best POS system to your small business, here’s a listing of important factors that you analyze your particular POS platform requirements:

  1. Budget: Establish a realistic budget for how much you can spend on a POS system. This budget must include the expense of POS software, POS hardware and charge card processing. If you’re beginning a new company, your budget to your point-of-sale system might be tight; nevertheless, remember your budget will increase as your own company scales.
  2. Business dimensions: The dimensions of your company and the amount of registers and places you’ve can impact the kind of POS system you require. A tiny company with few credit card transactions can eliminate with a free POS system, whereas a big merchant with multiple registers — or perhaps multiple storefronts — may require a broader POS system.
  3. Industry: Do you require a restaurant POS app that may accommodate bookings and seating arrangements, or are you really a little retailer that requires fundamental stock management?
  4. Characteristics: as well as business characteristics, the POS abilities you require will depend on your own personal preferences. Are you OK with a very simple POS system that’s restricted to buying trades? Would you like comprehensive POS applications that integrate with your bookkeeping and advertising methods to automate business operations? These attributes will determine whether you’re able to associate with a free POS system or need a paid version.

A POS system may radically affect the efficacy and precision of your enterpriseThe conclusion of whether a totally free system would be well worth the lack of attributes isn’t one to take lightly. A POS system may radically affect the efficacy and precision of your enterprise. Consider all your particular needs to find out the best alternative for you.

“If you merely accept card payments sometimes, a free POS may be a fantastic match for you and serve every one your requirements at the lowest comparative price,” said Moss.

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