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Forgot Notes Password?

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Did you forgot notes password? It’s quite oblivious for people to forget their password. Resetting forgotten notes password is both – fun and exercise work!

In this blog, you will learn:

  • How to reset notes password?
  • How to change notes password?

Let’s get started with some general information about the Apple Notes App

  • In Apple’s note-taking app, you can secure your notes with the lock option to prevent unauthorized access.
  • You can open password-protected notes either through the use of Apple Face or by entering the passcode manually.
  • In case you forgot notes password, you can easily change it via the Apple ID passcode in Apple’s settings.

How to Reset Notes Password on iPhone & iPad (with Pictures)

In case you’re trying to access some information from locked notes/forgot notes password, you have to enter the correct password.

But what if you suddenly forget your passcode and also can’t use the Apple Face function to open those notes.

In that case, you need to reset your notes password as it gives you a retrieval option to open old notes that are password protected.

Additionally, all the future notes you create will have the reset passwords which you will learn here how to do.

Following are the steps for resetting notes password on iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: Open the Setting menu of your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Find Notes and Click to open it.

Step 3: Hit on ‘Password’

Step 4: Click on “Reset password” button (highlighted with red color).

Step 5: Enter your Apple ID Password on the next screen.

Note: If you’re doing it for the first time, you will need to enter your Apple ID and your iPhone or iPad lock password.

Step 6: Tap ‘Reset Password’ from the pop-up option.

Step 7: On the reset password screen, you will see three options. Those are:

Password: Enter your new password here.
Verify: Enter the same password to confirm.
Hint: It’s optional, however, we suggest you enter.

You can either turn off or turn on the ‘Use Face ID’ option during reset forgot notes password. We recommend you to turn it on.

Step 8: Click on ‘Done’ to save the reset password information.

It’s done, your new password is ready for use. This gives you the ability to lock all your important notes that you will make in future.

What about old notes now?

Agonizingly, you cannot open your old notes with the latest changed password.

In order to open those, you would only do so by using your Face ID. Or, in future, if you are able to remember your old password. Or, by exploring some alternatives for passwords when clicking on a hint.

How to Change Notes Password on iPhone and iPad?

In the event you want to change your notes password for any reason.

You can do it easily with the mentioned steps.

Step 1: Open Setting menu

Step 2: Go to Notes

Step 3: Click on Password

Step 4: Tap on ‘Change Password’

Step 5: On the change password screen, you will see four options. Those are:

Old password: Enter your old passcode in this text area.
New password: Type new passcode that you want to keep.
Verify: Enter a new password again to confirm its authenticity.
Hint: It’s optional, however, we suggest you enter.

Step 6: Hit ‘Done’ to save changes.

This will update all your notes with the recently changed password on which you have applied the lock feature.

Ways To Protect Your Notes On iPhone and iPad

Apple note apps are a quick way for notetaking of your most important thing.

It lets you add a security layer to your critical notes info by locking it either through Apple Face ID (if your device is supportable), using Notes’ password function, or creating a password in Settings.

Each locking function is considerable but we personally suggest you use Apple Face ID security function due to its simplicity and security marks.

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