16.09.2022 11:30

Forecasts for 2022: Tech, Workplace, and ESG Points

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This year is full of possibilities if business leaders are willing to take action. There is no workplace “silver bullet”.

We are almost ready to begin the second quarter. We tried to understand the past two years and how we have changed in the first quarter.

There are many unknowns in this new world. The epidemic is not over. Yes, there are still many issues facing the world today, just with more twists. We are now in the midst of something much worse than the pandemic: the Ukraine war.

However, there are still many possibilities for the remainder of the year.

1. The Digital Revolution will not Stop

Covid-19 is a relatively new company that has been around for a few years. However, they continue to be a force of innovation and resilience, largely thanks to their embrace of digitalization.

There is still room for improvement in all areas, which is a good thing for the workplace. Cybersecurity is an area that can and should be automated to combat the rise in threats. Other tasks require a personal touch. My hope is that as we move towards hyper-automation for example, company leaders will approach automation from a people-first standpoint — automating their most employee-centric tasks carefully and purposefully.

Although putting people first can slow down some aspects of automation it also ensures that the right processes are automated correctly from start to finish.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Humans will Collaborate More

Many people remain puzzled, confused, and worried about artificial intelligence. People became more concerned when Google’s AlphaStar algorithm beat 99.8 percent of the best players in StarCraft II’s complex strategic game StarCraft II. Experts were puzzled by an AI game that won a victory. (Congratulations to the 0.2% who defeated the bots!

Commentators continue to provide an endless stream of articles about “robots are taking your jobs”. People, calm down. Artificial intelligence is not going to take over the world. AI, regardless of how fast or powerful, is only as good and reliable as the data it receives. Some people predict that we will see more widespread adoption of AI within the company this year as more business leaders understand the importance of human-AI collaboration.

This collaboration will ultimately benefit employees since we humans will decide how and when managers can use AI to improve our jobs.

3. Employees will Demand More, and They are Rightfully So

The Great Resignation, along with the demand for better workplace conditions, will make 2022 a year of “power and the people”. Organizations need to strengthen the emotional component of digital work experiences to be competitive in this highly competitive talent market. If they don’t encourage and connect with their employees, people will vote with their feet. After all, why would you want to stay in a job that doesn’t allow you to achieve your full potential?

Businesses should make digital experiences more cohesive with their business. However, corporate leaders should empower employees to increase their productivity.

Employees can use low-code solutions to solve problems and improve their work processes. This is a great way for employees to be able to make a difference in the future.

4. Every Workplace will be A Place Where We are Hyper-Aware

We have learned over the years that the more we immerse ourselves in the digital world the more we need to pay attention to our surroundings. Are you concerned about the current supply chain? See what happens as we move into 2022. There are many possibilities. We are being squeezed thinner than ever in inventory, and logistics and the situation is only getting worse as long-term labor shortages continue.

While digital transformation is a critical topic, we should not forget that we live in a tangible and valuable world. We must remember that climate chaos is a constant reminder of the impact of our actions on the planet. This is the last and most important prediction about possibilities.

5. ESG will be The Subject of Conversation at The Workplace of The C-suite

Corporate sector leaders are increasingly concerned about environmental, social, and governance (ESG). The C-suite will place the importance of protecting and maintaining our planet and its inhabitants above lip service to ESG in 2022. Although we may be in complete control of the digital world that we’ve created, it won’t matter unless we have a functioning civilization and a healthy planet.

People can change for reasons other than compassion. Sometimes, it is necessary to force people to do the right thing. A well-thought-out ESG strategy is becoming a critical business requirement. Consumers, boards, and a new generation are all increasingly scrutinizing leaders as well as their businesses. We are all aware of the social and environmental crossroads.

Gen Z is especially interested in the positions of prospective employers on issues related to environmental, governance, and social (ESG). Companies competing for talent need to pay close attention. Although corporations will need to rise to the occasion we can reduce our carbon footprint by committing ourselves to a net-zero carbon footprint.


The world has seen a lot of change in recent years. It’s reasonable to predict that 2022 will be a turning point for our attitudes regarding technology, labor, and the environment in general.

It may be frightening to look forward, despite the Russian/Ukraine issues that surround our thoughts.

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