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Forecast For The Interior Design Industry

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For design professionals, the end of the year means just one thing: trend prediction and thorough reflection. Decorators should foresee the design fads you’ll see everywhere throughout 2024, from color schemes and prints to furnishings designs and paint hues, having completed hundreds of design jobs in 2024.

Designers have seen a general tendency toward more vibrant, colorful, and warm spaces, which alludes to our underlying, communal yearning for warmth and security in the aftermath of the epidemic. Clear, white-walled minimalism continues to give way to dark color palettes, patterned wallpaper, comfortable textures, and natural elements, with modern-traditional design slowly but steadily making a comeback.

Here are the next big trends in interior design for 2024.

Dark Academia

Dark academia is a growing trend that may suit somber, retro decor fans. Indeed, enthusiasm for the bookish style has lately increased by 190 percent, according to media platforms‘ trend statistics. To recreate this style at home, seek old furniture made of dark-toned hardwood or upholstered in lush textiles.

Lean against dark-painted walls in rich blue and green, and appreciate all things academic, from used books to scholarly accessories such as candles that smell like leather, wood, and ancient texts.

Design For Sustainability

Many designers think that the year 2024 is the year of sustainable design. Consumers are becoming more conscious about picking environmentally sound solutions, which is understandable given the importance of eco-friendly options.

Many will begin to abandon inexpensive and poorly constructed furnishings in favor of antiquities or other investment items that will not wind up in a landfill after several years.

Residential owners will be more cautious about what they place in their homes to maintain them for years to come rather than purchasing something inexpensive to obtain the look now.

Domestic Wellness

Several designers believe wellness rooms will be more fashionable than home gyms by 2024. Clients are looking for a more focused pivot on health at home rather than concealing a Peloton on the edge of their home office.

We want our place to seem like an escape because many of us are more frequently at home. Therefore, clients are asking for deliberate areas for activities such as meditation, yoga, fitness, and, last but not least, residential spas concerning space planning.

Design Based on Personality

Many clients are moving away from bland, Pinterest-perfect rooms and are leaning toward cozier homes with personal collections, layered fabrics, one-of-a-kind art, and a mix of old and modern furnishings.

Design teams have seen a lot of minimalism in recent years, and our customers are now looking for warmth, depth, and individuality in their space and privacy.

Performance Fabrics

Many designers are being entrusted with designing attractive environments that are also habitable, particularly for families with young children, pets, or hectic schedules.

Fortunately, 2024 will be better for those susceptible to splashing red wine over the couch. Several alternatives now approximate the appearance of natural linen, velvet, and textured textiles while being outdoor-rated, stain-resistant, and high-performance. When combined with stain-resistant, washable rugs, interior designers can create homes that do not trade function for aesthetics.

Bottom Line

As we approach the year’s close, it’s time to start thinking about what will be popular in 2024. So naturally, we contacted industry experts for their interior predictions for the upcoming season, and they delivered.

From a concentration on meaningful assemblages to lavatories with under-counter freezers, experts expect to see these aspects everywhere next year. 

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