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Five Great Tips for Starting a Successful Travel Vlog in 2024

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When you think of social media influencers, certainly in relation to the archetypal stereotypical sense, your mind will gravitate to those lifestyle-focused niches, of which travel vlogs are very much the type that springs to mind. 

The concept of attempting to replicate these types of content can, of course, be very appealing, but it is worth noting that, as with anything that appears on social media networks of all types, it really is not as easy as it may at first appear.

All of this is a caveat to take on board if you are looking to start your own travel vlog and something of a note of caution for those who think that making any type of living, or income, from these streams is incredibly difficult and a lot of hard work. 

Another aspect to have at the forefront of your mind and plans is that the market is saturated, and while that doesn’t mean you can’t make a hugely successful travel vlog, it just means you’ll have to work that little bit harder and be very creative and motivated. 

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how you might get started. So here are five useful tips that can help put things in your favor if you are hoping to make a success of your travel vlog in 2024.

What is Your Angle?

So you want to start a travel vlog, but what’s your angle? You’ll need a niche within the overarching theme of a vlog to position yourself within the market. Here’s what we mean.

Perhaps your travel vlog is all about traveling on a strict budget; maybe the ‘hook’ is trying to get from a to b on x amount of dollars. It could be predicated on the premise of showing how backpack traveling can be far more rewarding than high-end travel.

It could also be the direct converse of this. We’ve all seen travel vlogs that are about pushing opulence—showing flashy hotel rooms, gleaming Lear jets, sun-kissed beaches, and romantic waterfalls. If that’s the way you want to go, then clearly, you’ll have to have the budget to even cover such a sub-set of the genre.

Maybe it’s a vlog that’s all about family travel and the pros and cons within that field, the problems that can be faced, and how to overcome them.

Be Prepared to Get Dirty

Here what we mean, and clearly, it’s not literal, is that you’ll need to get dirty. This means you’ll need to dig in. While some of those in this genre use the services of others or outsource certain aspects of their content productions, you’ll have to do so yourself, at least from the outset.

For example, be ready to learn all you need to about video editing. You’ll have to start by getting your hands on video editing software that should be geared towards a beginner like yourself, and you’ll then have to work out how to make the most of the content you shoot.

In very simple terms, this means being able to effectively make use of everything you record, and that might mean cutting down content to fit relevant platforms and content types, from long-form videos down to short teaser trailers for upcoming vlogs. 

Set Up Your Channel

Decide which mode or platform will be your starting point; it’s likely to be YouTube or perhaps Instagram. Wherever you decide, make sure to do the relevant research into the ways you can best manage the channel.

This means diving deep and finding out key aspects. These might include parameters relevant to the content you are producing, such as the length and specification of videos, or could be directly related to any potential revenue streams you hope to make the most of.

Check out the competition on those channels and take notes of how they operate and do this long before you ever open your account or post your first vlog.

Dive Into Data

The best thing about social media platforms is the way that key information is open to you in real-time. This means that you can easily measure the relative success of your channel and every post you make.

For instance, after you post your first video, you’ll be able to see more closely how long viewers typically last before they zone out or close the browser window. You’ll be able to ascertain where they are watching from and their specific demographic. You can then also check out comments made and, all in all, figure out pretty quickly where you are going wrong and where things are going right.

Diving into the data is crucial as it will help you hone your vlog into one that will encourage discussion and debate and expand your reach. This is all critical if you are looking to continually grow your audience, which is essential for any hopes of making a financial profit from your vlogging. 

One side note here. When it comes to promotional opportunities that may crop up, i.e., relevant businesses approaching you with freebies and even money to push their products and services, we’d encourage you to wait it out. When a vlogger starts to become overtly promotional, there can be a backlash, and it can drive some of your audience away, so do so with caution.

Be Well Equipped

A vlogger is only as good as their equipment. The good news is that in 2024 and beyond, the cost of professional equipment is relatively low, and the items that you need are not plentiful but will include a good mic, a sturdy camera stand, an action camera such as a GoPro, and, as already stated, a good video editing software package. 

Get used to using these and hone your art before you post anything on your channel.

These are just some introductory tips to get you on the right path to vlogging success; the rest is up to you. We have faith in you, go out there and have fun!

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