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Event Signage: Reasons and Ideas to Use Digital Signage in Events

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Events have always been a way out to distract ourselves from the turmoil of our monotonous lives. With the increasing pressure on people, the need for events is also heightening day by day. The motive of the event can always be different but it does let you out of your regular lifestyle for a while. Right? Therefore, event organizers try their best to give their attendees an unforgettable experience. 

There are various things to opt for fulfilling this goal but here we will be talking about why digital event signages are one of the best ways to go with and what all you can do with this single detail. 

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Digital Signages and Events: The Relationship

Digital event signages may be one of the most basic event requirements but it holds a lot of power. Wrong event signages can create chaos that can be quite hard to rectify hampering your foremost concern, the attendee experience.

Digital event signages are basically an electronic screen that is used to display digital images, videos, information, or any other digital element. They work great to grab the attendees’ attention and boost engagements during the event. You can use these screens to promote your social media campaigns and spread brand awareness as well. 

We understand that signages should be catchy and charming but more than that they are supposed to be utilitarian. It is a great opportunity to display valuable and pertinent content for your attendees. 

So below are a few ideas to utilize your digital signages to make your event better. 

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8 Incredible Ideas to Integrate Digital Signages in Events

Here are a few potential usage ideas for leveraging digital signages in your events:

  • Display Real-Time Social Walls

Your attendees are probably already posting about your event, why not display it on the big screen? Right?

A social media digtial signage simply refers to a tool that fetches content from different social media platforms and displays them in real-time. The content can be in any form, such as images, videos, GIFs, or text, which can be fetched from various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. It operates in real-time, which gives people a reason to interact with it, increasing user engagement as well as enhancing the user experience. 

You can employ social walls to promote your event hashtag during the event. Displaying all the user-generated content collected through your event hashtag in real-time will motivate more people to post in order to get featured too. This way, you can trace the visual footprints of your attendees that you would not have had access to otherwise. 

There are aftermath benefits too, your attendees are generating social proof for your event that can be used later. Also, there is a chance your hashtag starts trending depending on the number of people posting for your event. 

  • Share Schedules

Print has been taking care of this department for quite a long time now. Schedules were printed and distributed to the attendees to refer to. The problem that started arising was the updation of the schedules. Once printed, the schedules can’t be updated which has the power to mess up attendee experience. 

When it comes to a digital schedule display, you can always update the schedule whenever needed and display the new schedule. This gives your attendees a clear and crisp idea about the event plan. This can help you gain their trust and improve their event experience.

Tip: Make sure the schedule is readable by the attendees. 

  • Branding & Sponsor Show-Off

When it comes to events, people refer to signages for a lot of things. This means signages will definitely occupy a minimum of their time. Grab this opportunity to show off your sponsors and elevate your brand as well. 

Strategically place sponsors and your brand, along with the actual motive of your digital signage. Make sure it doesn’t shout out promotion but gives out subtle awareness of your brand and your sponsors. Additionally, you have the liberty to choose different forms of content to promote your sponsors and your brands such as videos, GIFs, or images. 

  • Navigation and Floor Plans

Depending upon your location and the scale of your event, you can use interactive digital signages to guide your attendees with directions to different venues and areas. Navigation becomes a must when it comes to large and complicated venues. 

You can also display the current sessions going in the venues to give your attendees better and precise information. 

  • Convey Alerts, Announcements, & News

During events, there is always a need to inform your attendees about things happening around them. You can utilize digital signages for that. 

You can cast instant alerts, necessary announcements, or any important message you want to convey to your attendees. Providing alerts about changes in schedule or speakers, information about any upcoming contests, rules & regulations, you can choose to cast anything important on your signages. 

You can also display a News Ticker for your attendees to know about the happenings around the world. It can include weather news, local news, or any breaking news you seem fit. You can also display basic venue information like the WiFi password or where to register, etc. 

  • Competitive Leaderboard Display

Gamification is an integral part of any event. Organizing contests and competitions around your event theme can increase engagements. Now that gamification is a part of your event, there must be leaderboards too. Those leaderboards can be displayed on the digital signages to keep the attendees up-to-date and remind them to keep hustling to get to the top. 

You can later use it to display the winners, their prizes, and maybe their photos as well. Incorporating images & videos with the contest can get you more social proof regarding your event, which can prove to be valuable for you later.

  • Live Audience Response Results

As an event organizer, you need to keep up to maintain attendees’ excitement and engagement with your event. There is one more way to keep your attendees engaged and excited during the event – Live Audience Response Calculations. You can ask your speakers, performers, guests to create online polls or connect a Decibel Meter (for sound) to their stage.

Displaying that live audience response on digital screens can help with spurring up your attendees and boost engagements. This will keep the audience motivated to share their opinions or indulge in the event with all their excitement.

  • Provide Photo Opportunities

You can utilize large digital signages as backdrops and provide your users with some amazing photo opportunities. This also gives you a chance to elevate your brand and remind your attendees of the primary motive of the event.

Digital signages can provide the attendees with multiple backgrounds for their images and videos at the event. You can create specialized posters to give them an opportunity to click pictures with the speakers, performers, celebrities through your digital signage. There can be multiple other things you can do with digital signage as a backdrop. Think!

Over To You..

Events can sometimes be quite tricky to handle, but digital signages can help you with a lot of things to bring them in order. Signages assist in being more organized, boost engagements, and provide your users with superb gamification opportunities. 

By engaging your attendees through digital signages with multiple aspects in the event, the messages sent out is that attendee satisfaction and event experience is your foremost concern. 

After all, isn’t that your primary motive too?

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