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Essential Pre-Trip Checklist for Long Travel

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The world is our oyster, as the saying goes.

But what’s not exciting about long travels is what comes before you ever leave home. Do you end up panicking the day before the trip? Do you scramble around the house, throwing clothes in the laundry, watering plants, and adding last-minute items to your luggage?

Well, you don’t have to panic anymore – this list is for you! Read on for a better way to make sure everything is done before you need to travel.

Preparing Your Home

Get A House Sitter Weeks Before Your Trip.

Getting a house sitter is essential if you plan to leave your pets behind or have plenty of plants. You can’t just leave them for a long time with no food or water, right? If you have special watering instructions for your sitter, make sure they’re clear. As for pets, food and water should be fresh. Litterboxes and cages should be clean. Make sure there’s nothing in the house that can hurt them while you’re not around, like cleaning supplies or electronic wires. Again, leave clear and detailed instructions for the sitter, including daily exercise or grooming steps.

And speaking of the sitter, don’t forget to give them a key! All the detailed instructions will be for naught if they can’t get inside the house.

Get Rid Of Old Food As Much As Possible.

Since you’ll be gone for an extended time, you also have to consider the food left in your home. Toss out leftovers and the food you know will not last long. Make sure you also check your pantry and get rid of the food or produce that will potentially rot.

Inform Your Credit Card Company That You Will Be Traveling.

If you plan to use your credit card outside of your hometown, make sure to inform your credit card company. It’s not unheard of for card companies to block cards if they’re used out of their regular locations.

Secure Your House.

And we don’t just mean against thieves, although you should make sure you are as protected from them as possible. We also mean unplugging appliances, especially if your trip will be a long one. They might be the cause of unwanted fires.

Trip Essentials

Secure Your Travel Documents And Other Identification.

First things first: if you’re traveling overseas, make sure you know where your passports are. Aside from passports, make sure your other identification cards like licenses are on-hand. These are important in airports that ask for identification to compare to boarding passes. And make copies of them, either via scanning or taking pictures. That’s to make sure that in case you lose them, they can easily be replaced.

Also, if your destination has other requirements like vaccinations, make sure your documentation is easy to find as well. This is so you’ll have smoother experiences at the airport or at immigration.

Secure A Car Before You Arrive At Your Destination.

If you plan to drive upon arrival at your destination, make sure to book a vehicle in advance. There’s nothing worse than inquiring with a car rental service only to find out they don’t have a car available for you.

Of course, you can consider just having your car shipped over to your destination. It might be more convenient for you since you’ll be more comfortable in your own vehicle. Take time to find out the ship a car cost if you can afford it. Otherwise, it might just be more convenient to reserve a car.

Make Sure All Your Electronics Are Charged.

If you like keeping all your pertinent information on your phones or laptops, make sure they’re charged. Or bring a portable power bank or charging station. If you try to charge at the airport, you’re not guaranteed a free socket.

Packing Tips

Make A List And Pack Early.

To keep you more organized, list down what you need to pack well before your trip. If, for example, you’re going somewhere cold, pack your coats. If you have a baby or small children, list down baby essentials like toys, clothes, and disposable diapers. That way, you won’t end up panicking and wondering what you should bring. And make sure to bring enough clothes for the duration of the trip. Of course, it will save space if you can launder your clothes along the way.

Get A Bag That Fits Airline Standards.

We recommend bringing a bag that you won’t check in. That bag should contain all your important documents and electronics. Of course, make sure it fits the requirements of your airline. Otherwise, you might be forced to check it in, which means additional expenses and more hassle.

Check Your Larger Bag.

Your bigger bag should have identification tags so no one will confuse it for theirs. Also, make sure it isn’t damaged. It can be frustrating to have to change bags at the last minute. Or worse, for your bag to suddenly spring open while it’s in the luggage compartment of the plane. Ensure as well that it doesn’t have items that are restricted, like a pocket knife. TSA inspections are no fun with prohibited items.

Now, ready for your long trip? With this list, you will be! Enjoy the process, and most of all, enjoy traveling!

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