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Does Your Business Need a Video Monitoring System?

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Security remains a major concern when it comes to commercial and residential properties, as crime remains rampant in society. The only thing we can do is to take precautions to deal with the threat to our business and private properties. A video surveillance system is one of the most successful ways to deter criminals that target commercial sites.

You will need to do research on which system will meet your needs, and Omnicast is a good place to start, as it is a reliable video management system.

Do You Need to Implement Video Surveillance?

It’s vital that you analyze your company’s security needs before you implement a video surveillance system. The size of your business will determine the number of CCTV cameras you need to get.

You’ll also have to understand what camera will suit you, and if it falls within your budget. You’ll have to choose between different ones, such as a conventional security camera, or wireless, bullet, or dome cameras.

The cameras will also fall into the analog or IP (internet protocol) category. Analog cameras are the traditional ones that offer lower resolution and a smaller range of vision than digital/IP cameras. You’ll need more of these cameras to cover the same amount of space that one IP camera can cover. Analog cameras are cheaper, and they won’t take up bandwidth like IP cameras.

IP cameras have a higher resolution and clearer images. Their pictures can also be enlarged without degrading the quality of the image. These cameras are more expensive, they use network bandwidth to transmit images, and they need more storage. However, another advantage is that they’re WiFi cameras, which means their feed is remotely accessible. Just be aware that they can also be hacked.

You’ll have to decide what type of camera you need, and which areas of your business need the cameras the most. You could install the expensive cameras with the most features in the important areas while installing the more inexpensive ones like bullet cameras in areas that face the least threat.


According to the law, you need to respect your employees’ privacy, and you need to let them know if they’re going to be watched. You’ll have to formally inform them that you’re going to implement a video surveillance system before you do it, otherwise, it can be seen as an invasion of privacy.

If the position of the cameras will affect other businesses or private homes, you will have to get permission from the authorities before you implement your system. You need to get written permission from the appropriate people before you install your camera system. This will prevent future disagreements over confidentiality.

Also, make sure that you use a reputable security service provider. Do some research to find the best providers of video surveillance services, as you don’t want to become a victim of scammers or an unreliable provider who doesn’t take care while handling your sensitive information.

Final Thoughts

Your business doesn’t have to become a victim of crime. You’ll have greater peace of mind if you get the video surveillance system that suits your business’s needs. Crime will always remain a concern, but by taking security precautions, you can protect your business and your assets.

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