20.01.2024 23:23

Do You Work Remotely And Want to Receive Money in Crypto?

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Do you want to see the future? Watch your children, what they like, what they prefer, and everything will become clear.

Watching children and reading our articles, you will become like Neo from the Matrix, who suddenly saw reality as it is. But, as in The Matrix, there is a serious problem here. After reading our articles, you will become a man and never, never, never again be able to look at the world and act like naive useful idiots.

QUASA will divide your life into Before and After.

Reading will be frustrating at first, but just as dawn turns to night, QUASA will open up possibilities that will make your blood run cold and your fingers sweat, and this is not a metaphor.

It will take you a little time to read this, but in that time you will become 50 years wiser. And believe me… this reading is not about business, not about money, not about this world.

This is information about who you really are, but you are hesitant to face this amazing and overwhelming truth.

A veil falls from your eyes, you will understand what kind of place this is - "planet Earth", where you got to, what are the rules here, who you really are, what is the meaning of life for 99% of the living, and most importantly - why is this the meaning, and everything else will seem to you petty nonsense.

Most people are afraid before 40 ... After 40, many children's fears recede, anxieties remain, but fears become less. Experience allows us to look coolly, and we think about efficiency, looking for strength, speed....

Of course we find. We always find what we are looking for. In fact, we always find if we are looking for. And why not? What is the problem?

But when we find the strength in ourselves, become more professional and efficient, we begin to understand that we have been going the wrong way all this time.

And then we seek clarity, a new understanding, a deeper one. Of course, we gain clarity, and others begin to believe that we have become wiser.

And as soon as wisdom opens its eyes, we see the last enemy, which is quietly waiting on the road, realizing that we have no chance to get around it. And there is no way to defeat him.

This enemy is Time, and in a senseless fury we rush into battle, losing minutes, hours, years at every step, and in the last jerk we fall, hoarsely grabbing air with worn-out lungs.

For 97% of people there are no values, but there are behavioral patterns imposed to make it easier to shear the sheep's skin.

Slaves have no values, because value is what a person consciously fights for and protects, and what can a slave protect if he does what the master orders?

A slave may realize that he is disgusted with doing what he is forced to do, but he does not have the strength to resist. Being a slave is a free choice, and a slave is someone who makes that choice over and over again, every day.

The more the corporate paradigm of centralized control and resource limitation tries to impose a new level of slavery, the more the tide of awareness and points of difference grows.

There is only one way to become free - entrepreneurship.

Unfortunately, although it is natural, those who are good at entrepreneurship do not teach, do not know how and do not want to teach.

Predictability is convenient for the layman to keep everything going smoothly, but sometimes some crap happens that breaks the usual order of bringing a spoon to your mouth.

The global financial system has become more streamlined, and cryptocurrency has appeared. The purpose of cryptocurrencies is not to create a new order, because any order is a high-level concentration camp.

The goal of cryptocurrencies is to create new possibilities that CANNOT be born in a deterministic order. And new opportunities are born ONLY FROM growing uncertainty.

So no, cryptocurrencies will never be regulated.

QUA cryptocurrency is a universal tool that was specifically created for settlements with freelancers and those who work remotely around the world.

Quasacoin tokenYou are not tied to a country, to the currency of any country, and you can easily hire any specialist from anywhere in the world and calmly pay for his work. There is no need for conversion and complexity with banking operations. No need to know the laws of different countries.

QUASA has become the first one-stop marketplace offering cryptocurrency payments for freelancers and those who work remotely!

Quasacoin (QUA) is the governance token of the QUASA.

The Quasa Connect application is placed in the public domain on the Google Store and you can test it both from the side of the contractor and from the side of the customer.

We invite you to join the open testing and we will be grateful for your feedback.

Quasa Connect is an easy way to solve any problem in a couple of clicks!