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Crypto Freelance on QUASA. Anywhere in The World!

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You work remotely and want to receive orders from different countries.

Welcome to the Quasa Connect app. Here you can easily make deals with clients and get paid in QUA cryptocurrency. You will not depend on the currency of your country and will do what you love.

For early birds, responses to customer inquiries are free.

If you become an executor in the Quasa Connect app, you will be able to see posted tasks from clients.

To see new and popular tasks faster than other performers, you can improve your rating by filling out a profile and adding a portfolio.

After completing the profile completely, you will receive the “You can be trusted” distinction. Qualitatively fulfilling the tasks of customers, the performers strive to receive a second distinction - "You are praised." Performers with two badges of distinction immediately see popular and new tasks of clients.

Performers with no insignia or only one insignia will be able to see and respond to customer orders with a delay. The delay time is specified in your profile.

You can:

- log in with your FB or Google account;
- order any remote work for free;
- find the customer and respond to his task;
- Agree with the customer on the cost and complete the work.
Soon it will be possible to order and perform any work with the possibility of payment and receipt of QUA.

The application is available for all versions of Android.

Where to become an entrepreneur and find your first clients if you have little experience and only simple skills?

Quasa Connect will help you.

QUASA eliminates the hemorrhoids associated with the search for executors of orders and the fulfillment of orders, as well as problems with receiving money.

No intermediaries, only the customer and the contractor, no banks, payment systems, no conversion fees, no taxes, no "big brother".
No need to know the laws of different countries.

Unlike centralized, similar services for freelancers, QUASA is not tied to fiat and is decentralized.

The QUASA platform, focused on finding performers in solving any tasks and assignments, begins to unite professionals from various fields: IT, architecture, design, marketing, psychology, as well as engineering, scientific and medical areas.

QUASA has become the first one-stop marketplace offering cryptocurrency payments for clients, freelancers and those who work remotely.

Quasacoin (QUA) is the governance token of the QUASA.

QUA cryptocurrency is a universal tool that was specifically created for settlements with freelancers and those who work remotely around the world.

QUASA services are controlled by smart contracts. By connecting your crypto-wallet, a freelancer or customer instantly settles among themselves using the QUA cryptocurrency.

Follow these guidelines to collect more orders.

Fill out a profile

When you apply for a job, you send your resume to the employer. Your QUASA profile is like a resume. You wouldn't send in a blank resume page hoping to get a job, would you?

A completed profile is your chance to receive an order, there are no reviews yet.

How to fill out a profile:

  • Avatar. Add a real avatar by which you can be easily recognized. The image must be bright and clear. A photo with your beloved dog is only suitable if you are engaged in keeping animals. Otherwise, add a good portrait. By the way, if you do not have suitable photos, you can always order a photo session on QUASA.
  • Text about yourself. Write 3-4 sentences about yourself and your work experience. Tell us about your main achievements and write what tasks you want to perform on QUASA. If you are a designer, then you should not write about a black belt in karate, but if you plan to give fitness classes, then yes.
  • Portfolio. Upload photos or videos with examples of work. They should show your work - respect copyrights. Add a short video about yourself to make it easier for the client to imagine how you look and communicate.

Think about what you will write to clients

Do not write “Ready to complete the order”, “I will complete” - this wording does not work. The offer is your advertisement. If you write only the name and phone number, it is unlikely that she will bring new customers.


  • Experience. How many years have you been working, what experience do you have, what do you do best. What benefits have been noted by your other clients or employers. If you don't have experience yet, write the truth that you don't. The desire to develop and honesty attract more than embellished truth.
  • Details of the task - tell us how you plan to complete it, why your option is better. So, the customer will understand that you will not let you down.
  • Offer a discount. Show that you are interested and ready to meet the client halfway.

At first, while the rating is low, you will have to leave a lot of offers. To save time, create 2-3 offer templates. Carefully read the descriptions of tasks and supplement the template depending on the type of work.

It is for entrepreneurs that the QUASA ecosystem is being created.

There is a huge market for freelancing, just as there is a huge market for cryptocurrencies. That is why QUASA has seized the leading role and intends to force players out of the markets of classic centralized service platforms.

The use of QUA tokens is a prerequisite for working in the Quasa Connect app.

In Quasa Connect, anyone can post a task or become a task executor.

After the publication of your task, you can choose a contractor who will respond and agree on the cost of work with him. Or you can become a performer and earn money offering your services on Quasa Connect.

If you don't know where to start and how to become a performer, then go through QUASA's sandbox game here: DayQ!

Is QUASA Marketplace secure enough?

We don't use any contracts or agreements on QUASA Freelance Marketplace. If you're registered on our platform and have accepted QUASA's terms and conditions, you are free to make deals on QUASA.

This rule applies to buying both Freelance services and Influencer Offers.

Create an account and start making money today 

We invite you to join the open testing and we will be grateful for your feedback.

Quasa Connect is an easy way to solve any problem in a couple of clicks!

*This is not a public offer; special terms are applicable. Please, visit our Terms and Conditions page to learn more about the current requirements.

Your QUASA! Your Way!