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Data Scientist Roles & Responsibilities

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Do you also wish to become a data scientist but are not aware of the fact where you should apply or what skills you must acquire! Well, there’s nothing to worry about. There are many data science certifications online that can help you become a successful data scientist. This article covers the roles and responsibilities of a data scientist. So, without further ado, let us begin!

What is a Data Scientist?

A data scientist is a new key player that has been coming up in the recent market trends. Data scientists are said to have a strong hold over mathematics, computer science, and analyzing data. Today, every business is striving hard to survive in the market.

And this is possible with a data scientist!   demand for data scientists is increasing day by day. Ranging from problem-solving skills to high-paid salaries, there is so much to lure the candidates to take up data science as their career path.

Job Role of a Data Scientist

Many companies and organizations are using a huge amount of data in day-to-day operations. A data scientist is required by companies in such situations. A Data Scientist assesses and evaluates raw and organic data to infer valuable information from it. Then, this information is used to find
patterns and develop solutions for an organization to grow and yield profits.

Data scientists make value out of data. The job description of a data scientist is to fetch the necessary information and give a clear understanding of how organizations perform. The scientist uses analytical methods and AI tools in order to automate specific procedures in the

To understand the role of a data scientist, it is essential to understand the position of a data scientist – how it has evolved and expanded with time! Data scientists possess practical skills like mathematics and coding along with statistical analysis in order to achieve desired results.

For example, a data scientist working for social media platforms first analyzes the type of viewers and then decides the kind of advertisement to be posted on such platforms that will be liked by people.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Data Scientist

There are certain roles and responsibilities that are fulfilled by a data scientist.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Data ScientistThey are as follows:

1. Management: A data scientist plays a significant managerial role, wherein he is responsible for the construction of the technical abilities in order to continue the data science projects.

2. Analysis: A data scientist must undertake the analysis job, wherein he plans, implements, and assesses various models, plans, and strategies to solve the issues of the business.

3. Strategizing: A data scientist plays a vital role in the development of advanced technologies and strategies regarding business. A data scientist provides various plans and models to solve the complex issues of the business.

4. Collaboration: Another role of a data scientist is to collaborate with senior data scientists to solve the problems like communication, finding stakeholders, etc. In this way, the business performance and decision-making skills of the data scientist are enhanced.

5. Knowledge: A data scientist is responsible for exploring different technologies and tools in order to create data-driven insights for the business. Data scientists must apply the knowledge gained to assess the data methods and get the approval of the senior management.

Once a data scientist gets a job in a top company, they should fulfil these roles and responsibilities.

Let us now have a look at the skills required by data scientists.

Essential Skills Required to Fulfill Data Scientist Responsibilities

In order to become a data scientist, there are certain skills they must have. To pursue a career as a data scientist, here are the skills needed. Have a look!

1. Programming Skills
One of the major data scientist skills is the programming skill that requires complete knowledge of programming languages like react, node.js, Python, JavaScript, etc. Familiarity with C++ and Scala will prove to be an added advantage.

2. Statistics
A data scientist needs good statistical skills like knowledge of statistics, distribution, regression, etc. Data scientists must have proficiency in stats. This skill is essential for data-driven companies.

3. Machine Learning Skills
A strong hold on machine learning methods like Decision Forest, SVM, Naïve Bayes, etc., is important to become a data scientist. These skills will help data scientists excel in their field.

4. Mathematical Skills
Math skills like linear algebra or calculus will help data scientists in the long run. Understanding the fundamental concepts of algebra and calculus will result in good predictive performance and optimization techniques used.

5. Data Wrangling
A data scientist who is proficient in handling imperfections in data can get hired to top companies with high pay grades.

6. Data Visualization tools

There are several data visualization tools like d3.js, tableau, ggplot, etc., that can help the data scientist in encoding data. These skills are necessary to become a successful data scientist. If you are aspiring to become a data scientist, make sure that you acquire these skills as they will help you in the long run. It is essential to note that no matter whether a data scientist works in any role, the skills remain intact. A degree in computer science and analyzing skills are add-ons for a candidate wishing to become a data scientist.

How to Become a Data Scientist?

How to Become a Data Scientist?There are many lucrative job options for a data scientist. To pursue data science as a career path, a person must take up data science certificate online.

Another way to become a data scientist is to apply for Bootcamp for data science. With these certification courses and Bootcamps, one can easily master the skills of a data scientist. These courses also help in acquiring the skills necessary for a data scientist.

To become a data scientist, it is essential to apply for many jobs before bagging the job that suits your role. It is good to be patient during such times. Secondly, while you do not have a job, spend time sharpening your skills.

Salary of a Data Scientist

Becoming a data scientist requires one to have expertise in analytical skills, mathematical skills, logical skills, etc. Now that you know about the skills and how you can become a data scientist, let us look at one of the most important questions, i.e., how much does a data scientist make?

The demand for data scientists is higher than in other jobs. Experience is one of the key factors that affect the pay scale of a data scientist. According to stats, the average salary of a data scientist ranges from Rs. 4 lakhs to Rs. 11 lakhs. Depending upon the skills, experience, and training, one can receive attractive posts and high salaries.


Data Science is one of the popular fields that offer lucrative job options to people. Many companies recruit data scientists that have the required skills and experience. There is no definite way to become a data scientist. But one can do so by applying to data science courses.

A person from any background can apply to these courses. Data science is a multidisciplinary profession that can offer high-paid jobs and stabilize your career by providing jobs in top companies.
KnowledgeHut provides various data science certifications online that will help you in becoming proficient in basic to advanced concepts of data science. With the certification, one can easily get recruited by KPMG, Accenture, Citi bank, and many top companies like these.

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