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Creative Ways to Make More Money Using Mobile Apps

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We all want to make more money. Whether you are running a business, or just want some extra cash to supplement your work salary, having some extra cash is never a bad thing. One of the great aspects of the internet is its unlimited potential.

For example, you can integrate an SMS gateway API with your company’s communication applications in order to send bulk text messages, enabling you to contact thousands of customers immediately.

That includes the ability to make money like never before. With even just a smartphone, you can find ways to build your business or pick up some spending money without having to leave your couch. Here are some of the more creative ways to make more money using mobile apps.


If you love to take photos on your smartphone, why not try to make a little money off of it? Foap is an app that gives you the opportunity to do just that. Once downloaded on your phone, you can transfer photos to the app. From there, they will be reviewed by other users of an app, including potential advertisers. Agencies can then buy photos for you for anywhere between $5 and $100.

There are also ways to do requests through brands that are looking for certain types of images. Just follow the instructions and shoot your shot. There’s a good chance your images will end up as part of their next campaign. It’s most likely not going to lead to personal wealth, but it can give your business a boost, or provide a little extra income from a hobby.

Dial My Calls

If you run a business, you need ways to reach your customers. Yes, marketing and advertising will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. However, texting and calling are much more immediate and direct. There are numerous benefits of text message marketing. A mass texting app can help you reach your customers immediately, and provide them with information that you want them to know. Running out of a popular item? Have a few tables opening up at 8pm? Whereas you might have gone with empty tables in the past, by sending out a mass of messages, you may be able to fill those spots and make more money. 


Slidejoy is an app for phones that use Google Play apps. It works by providing you opportunities to earn income just by looking at ads. They appear on your lock screen, and you can choose to swipe for additional ads or more information, or you can simply ignore them and move to your home screen. Whether or not you tap on them or engage, you will still earn income just by having Slidejoy on your phone and activating an account. Slidejoy also offers the opportunity to fill out paid surveys. Everyone connects to your PayPal account, so there is nothing for you to do if you don’t want to. Just enjoy using your phone and have ads on your home screen. It’s that simple.

Branded Surveys

Speaking of surveys, they are another great way to earn a few extra bucks for your pocket. Branded Surveys is an app that has built a community around market research.

You can get paid to share your opinions about various brands, products, and services. You can personalize the surveys that get funneled to you when you create your account so that you will only be answering surveys that are of interest to you. Payment is mostly in the form of cash, but it may also be in gift cards. You get to choose in most cases.

This is a great option for a lot of people since you can make money at any time, such as waiting in line, commuting to work, or even sitting in front of the television.


You can’t survive without going grocery shopping, so you might as well make a bit of extra cash while you do it. With Ibotta, you enter some data into the app, and it will give you some cashback offers. Then when you go grocery shopping, you can buy those items that are connected to the offers. If you choose right, you can fill your cart with items that you have to buy anyway. Then, you take a photo of your purchase receipt and submit it through the app. You will then be awarded your cashback. You can cash out at any point after you’ve gotten past $5 in savings. It’s like having an extra coupon when you shop at your favorite grocery store.


Have a few creative bones in your body? Fiverr is a quick and easy way to monetize what you can do. Companies and individuals use Fiverr to find creators who can provide custom work for whatever project they need.

If you are a writer, photographer, musician, designer, translator, or essentially anything in between, you can find a home on Fiverr and find people who will pay for your work. The better work you produce, the better reviews you will get.

As your review scores rise, so will your visibility, meaning you will have more potential customers messaging you through the app for work. Take something you love, and turn it into cash. It couldn’t be easier.

Smartphones are incredibly useful for so many things. Making money is definitely included in that list. Use your phone and download some of these apps if you are looking for creative ways to make more money.

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