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Business Texting: The Hottest Trend in Marketing Today

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Business texting is considered one of the most popular strategies used for growing small to medium-scale businesses. At present, it has become a crucial part of the marketing and advertising plans of businesses in various industries.

Business texting has toppled email marketing by 345% at average open speeds. A recent study found that, compared to just 22% of emails, 98% of text messages are read. Thus, organizations are now seeking innovative ways to utilize business messaging to reach their clients and customers.

This business strategy is employed to communicate with clients or customers through the use of mobile phones. The good news is, it does not require acquiring technical knowledge or downloading additional software on the part of the customer. Business texting also equates to text message advertising or SMS advertising.

Uses of Business Texting

Many companies recognize that consumer preferences have shifted dramatically in the past three years. Hence, text messaging has become a preferred strategy. The strategies in which businesses use text messaging to deliver information and advertisements are starting to strengthen. But there are always potential opportunities for creative businesses as well.

Texting is one effective way to interact with potential customers for several purposessuch as the following:

● Billing and payment reminders - Businesses based on membership can utilize texting to efficiently deliver two-way communication to its members. Business texting helps remind members of their payment dues, along with the sharing of significant information regarding member-only events. Most clients would probably prefer electronic billing. However, they may need a more detailed note to prompt them in paying their bills. Timely payments are in both your long-term interests so it’s worth considering text alert programs for regular or overdue invoices.

● Event notifications - Local governments and businesses utilize texting for sharing event details with subscribers. Such events may involve online webinars and live in-person events.

● Contests for customers- Creative advertisers hold various contests for improved customer loyalty. To enter the sweepstakes, for instance, participants must text a keyword to a shortcode. You could pick a random number from a digital hat and send a voucher, for example, to the winner(s), that can serve as a gift to their father on Father's Day. But you also need to consult with legal advisers when holding the contests to comply with local and state laws.

● Promotions and discounts - Restaurant and retail businesses may share coupons and inform subscribers regarding new products, limited-time promotions, and in-store sales through business texting. For growth, many small companies depend on word-of-mouth, but they shouldn’t sit back and hope that will happen. Proactive advertisers are telling their best customers to refer them to a friend and texting can be the most convenient way of asking for that referral. Responding to a friend's text promotions can be paired with discounts or other opportunities. This is done to drive the company during crucial seasons for improvement in the revenue pipeline.

Business Texting● Appointment reminders - Medical professionals, as well as service-based companies, may send appointment reminders to aid in the reduction of no-shows. Bear in mind that if you will not be billing clients because they forgot about their meetings or appointments, you will not be sending any billing reminders. Many businesses rely on staff to make phone calls to notify clients regarding their appointments but they soon realize how expensive and time-consuming it can be.

In addition, most clients today prefer to receive a text over a phone call anyway. Therefore, it is a good solution to duplicate such notifications through a business texting service. Many clients may also want to arrange appointments through text so it’s nice to offer this option as well.

● Delivery updates and order confirmation - Due to major retailers such as Amazon, customers have grown to expect proof of the order and distribution notifications. But that doesn't mean that small business owners cannot provide the same sort of experience through text order updates. If you are delivering several products, you can combine inventory systems with business text messaging services to provide alerts and updates. Many restaurants use text messaging to promote new and special dishes for a limited time. They also use this to announce news from the service, gather feedback from the experience, as well as take orders.

● Coordination of the company workforce - Most companies use text to connect with their workforce, as well as to communicate with centrally located teams. Text messaging for employees fits well for alerts that need to go rapidly across the business, such as the closing of an office and other emergency situations. It can be time-consuming and stressful to get the team together for presentations. Additionally, it’s expensive in terms of working hours.

● Preference polls of customers - Successful companies are holding their eyes on their customers' pulse to find out exactly what they need and then finding ways to offer it. Most businesses use texts to deliver text-to-vote SMS polls to collect these observations. Consequently, they group their clients in terms of interest for better future customization. For instance, a photographer can text only the indoor customers with in-studio deals by deciding which customers prefer outdoor images to indoor ones.

● Job opening notifications - Well-experienced employers know that the best talent is not sitting on the market for long. In response to that, they want to ensure those potential employees apply as rapidly as possible. Applications can pick up speed by providing a new job opening text notification to help you get the best workers on board. In addition to that, the advantage to this is that instead of being ignored on overcrowded work boards such as Indeed, the post will be more significant from the crowd. Often, you can use text messages to notify the existing staff of new career prospects.

● Customer service - Texting can be a convenient way to strengthen your customer care approach. Most consumers prefer voice customer service instead of text or chat. Most text messaging service providers offer direct-to-use web browser applications for contacting customer support. Also, text messages can be sent straight to your mobile phone.

Advantages of Business Texting

Business texting has certain advantages. It can reach a wide range of clientele since Americans normally send and receive about 26 billion text messages daily, which amounts to about 9.3 trillion text messages yearly.

Quicker response time

In terms of engagement, business texting is advantageous in the sense that at least 98% of text messages are opened and 40% are responded to within 15 minutes. Text messaging is a major feature of every mobile phone, whether it is the latest smartphone or an old flip phone. Business texting allows you to be ahead of your rivals since text messaging is usually the fastest way of communication.

A more convenient way of communication

This method is simpler and more convenient compared to other strategies for marketing and advertising. This is because it allows businesses to easily and conveniently communicate with clients, customers, and members through the technology that most are comfortable with.

Personalized business

Texting is a crucial part of personal communication. One of the major advantages of business texting is that it positions your company on the same page as personal families and friends of your customers. Business people usually work with and take better care of those they have relationships with.

Business texting also strengthens the relationships with your clients since you become more intimate with them. Texting is accessible to more customers, and this is something every company badly needs.


Moreover, business texting is an affordable campaign since one text costs only a small amount per recipient.

Business TextingHelps attain customer preference

Perhaps one great goal that the company aims for is to be the preferred option of customers. You need people to choose what you're selling over what your rivals are providing. Studies reveal that a large group of consumers favor business texting. It meets people where they are, and leads them toward you.

Business Texting for Effective Marketing and Advertising

All businesses are diverse, but given the right approach, text messaging offers positive results from texting campaigns. Texting allows you to have the opportunity to be clearly understood in the marketing environment.

Below are some of the ways companies utilize business texting to produce revenue and draw more customers.

● ENPOWERED Solutions - Being an energy consultant working with industrial firms that may have high power consumption, ENPOWERED Solutions has utilized mobile alerts to aid customers in decreasing energy consumption and eventually reduce operating costs.

● Aeroflow - In terms of long-term medical equipment in the country, there are patients who may neglect the ordering of their equipment promptly. Generally, doctors make prescriptions like medical equipment, mobility devices, and home oxygen but they don’t ensure whether you have received it. Through Aeroflow’s texting platform, it is more convenient to notify existing patients and set reminders in terms of upcoming equipment deliverables and renewals.

● Domino’s Pizza - Domino’s Pizza utilized text messaging and Facebook groups to expand their customer base and produce multitudes of new orders every semester in colleges and universities. The large population of enrolled students in colleges was utilized in order to increase their sales.

Final Thoughts on Business Texting

Through business texting, companies can now send relevant information to their customers, employees, and other parties as needed. Indeed, it is one of the best strategies to date, especially for those who want to maintain open communication with clients or customers.

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