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Benefits of Using a VPN – Things you might not know!

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The term VPN may sound very shady to some people but in reality, it is totally a legit thing and there is no harm in using it, rather it has benefits. There are some amazing benefits of using a VPN that you might not be aware of! Therefore, I have taken the liberty to enlighten you in this regard:

Benefits of Using a VPN – Things you might not know!

1. Access region-blocked services like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Hulu

Some VPNs may be able to unblock geo-restricted content from Netflix and other providers*. How so? A VPN can change your IP address to make a content provider believe you’re browsing in another location or region where access is permitted.

According to Streaming Rant guides, you can access services like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, HBO Max, and YouTube TV from anywhere. They have covered some detailed guides on these topics.

Remember to always read the Terms of Service agreements to find out what your streaming service allows and to follow those guidelines. Also, keep in mind that some countries may impose penalties for using a VPN to circumvent their laws.

2. Hides your Private Information

Websites and apps can continuously monitor and analyze your online activity. A VPN can prevent web browsers and others from accessing your connection, allowing you to send and receive information anonymously and securely. Some VPNs also provide 256-bit data encryption, which is military-grade.

3. Escape Data-throttling

When you use a certain amount of data, your internet service provider slows down your service. Not only will your data be safe from the prying eyes of ISPs and others when you use a VPN, but you will also be free of data caps. To maximize internet speed for some of their customers, ISPs can impose data caps.

4. Avoid Bandwidth-throttling

If you’ve noticed slower internet speeds on different websites and at different times, you may have been subjected to bandwidth throttling. ISPs — or anyone with administrative access to your network — could be to blame for the slowdown. Bandwidth throttling is something that hurts many online streamers as it creates lags and buffering issues, which is why it is important to use a VPN for online streaming.

A VPN can be useful. It can slow down your device by encrypting its internet traffic. This hides the destination of your web traffic and prevents anyone on the same network from seeing its content.

5. Avoid Censorship when Traveling Abroad

Some VPNs can assist you in bypassing geographical restrictions. Some countries, for example, restrict or prohibit access to certain websites, such as social media platforms, or censor certain content. Like if you live in the USA and you are traveling to the UK, you will not be able to access Netflix’s US library.

Unless you change the Netflix region with a VPN, you will have to miss out on your favorite shows due to certain censorship policies of the region you are in. A VPN, on the other hand, a VPN may help you gain access by making your traffic appear to be coming from a different location. Remember that it is the user’s responsibility to determine whether or not their use of a VPN is legal, and to check the country’s laws before using a VPN.

6. Access Regional Sports Coverage Unavailable in your Location

Some VPNs can help you gain access to geographically restricted sports coverage. A television network such as NBC, for example, may not be available for viewing if you are not in the United States. Viewing may be possible with the help of a VPN. Nonetheless, check your streaming service agreement for the Terms of Service, and keep in mind that some countries may have penalties for using a VPN to circumvent their rules.
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7. Offer Cheaper Leased-line Alternatives

Businesses, in particular, can benefit from the use of a VPN. Businesses, for example, may be able to avoid renting expensive network capacity lines that provide connectivity between office locations by using VPNs. Instead, they could use public infrastructure to connect via cheaper local leased lines or broadband connections via a local ISP.

8. Offer Cheaper Long-distance Telephone Charges

A VPN could help you save money on long-distance phone calls. For example, to access a company’s intranet, you could connect to your local ISP access point rather than using remote access servers and dial-up networks.

9. Provide Network Scalability

The costs of establishing a dedicated private network rise in tandem with the size of the organization. Internet-based VPNs can enable businesses to tap into existing network lines and network capability, potentially providing better reach and service quality to remote and international locations in particular.

10. Reduce Support Costs

The usage of a VPN can help a company reduce server maintenance costs as support can be provided to third-party service providers who can support a lower cost structure due to numerous clients.

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