14.03.2021 18:58

Authors of works can join and submit their works on the QUASA NFT platform

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Check out QUASA's items on OpenSea, the largest marketplace for crypto collectibles.

You can go through and see the first QUASA NFT token

You can find the entire NFT QUASA art collection here:

We will supplement and expand the QUASA collection
Any authors of works can join and submit their works on the QUASA NFT platform: https://opensea.io/accounts/QUASA
We work only with direct authors, we do not work with intermediaries!
If you want to publish your work on QUASA and receive an NFT token of your work on the blockchain, or post an already created items NFT, contact us here: https://quasa.io/support

Fill out the application, attach a link to your work of art and we will promptly contact you.

Below, for an example - 3 works from the collection Author Julia Guss.

Reflection - QUASA - OpenSea 

Harmony - QUASA - OpenSea

Cleopatra -QUASA -OpenSea