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Are Movers Allowed to Transport Items That Aren’t Boxed?

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Whether you’re planning a long-distance or local move, you most likely need to hire a professional moving company. A professional team will take care of all the necessary tasks and pack your belongings. Moving can be extremely stressful and demanding, as almost everything you own needs to be prepped and moved to your new place. To ease this stress it would be nice to know beforehand if professional movers are required to transport unboxed items.

Should Movers Transport Unboxed Items?

The answer could be either positive or negative as it all depends on the kind of object that needs to be relocated.

Moving companies have different policies and different rules, therefore, it is important to understand your preferred company’s policies.
When preparing customers’ belongings for a move, there are certain things movers often take into consideration.

Factors to Consider for Each Item

Below are some factors to take into consideration when preparing an item for a move:

  • Fragility
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Size

Many people will cut their costs and rather not buy boxes. However, they fail to realize that it is more costly to have your belongings damaged than it is to hire movers who use boxes. With enough experience on their hands, the movers know what kinds of items should or should not be placed in boxes. When going through a client’s inventory, experienced movers take into account the factors mentioned above and provide the client with a list of packing materials and supplies needed for each item.

There are some objects that do not need to be packed in boxes but they may require some padding to keep them protected while in transit.

Items That Don’t Need to be Boxed

Items with unusual shapes or sizes should not be boxed but they may be wrapped properly to protect their surface.

Below are some of such items:

  • Night tables
  • Bedframes
  • Large pieces of furniture
  • Chairs

In addition to these, certain items are impossible to fit into boxes, these include items such as outdoor furniture, cushions, bicycles, garden equipment and tools, rugs, etc. rather than trying the impossible mission of fitting them into boxes, plastic or bubble wraps are used to protect the edges to prevent them from getting damaged.

However, small items that are used to assemble these items may be packed into cardboard boxes.

Can Moving Experts Refuse to Move Unboxed Objects?

To get a clear answer, it is advised to reach out to the customer support of the hired company to get more details about their general and insurance policy. However, in most cases moving professionals will stow a lot of things in cardboard boxes and then protect the others with blankets or some other soft cushioning.

Type of Items That can be Boxed

The following items are required to be packed into cardboard boxes of suitable dimensions:

  • Kitchenware and kitchen utensils
  • Electronics and home appliances
  • Fragile table tops
  • Glassware
  • Jewelry
  • Artworks
  • Mirrors

Some of these items have odd shapes, therefore the most reliable and secure mode of packing them is custom-built wooden boxes.

Preparing Items to be Moved

Putting customers’ personal belongings in cardboard boxes of different dimensions is a tricky and delicate job which is why professional movers have a vast assortment of packing materials to choose from.

Some of the materials they use include:

  • Waterproof labels and markers
  • Bubble wrap sheets and rolls
  • Packaging paper
  • Heavy-duty tapes
  • Plastic wraps

The cost of packing materials is often included in the final cost.

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