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Apple Reality OS: What It Is & Expected Release Date

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Apple is working on the next-generation AR/VR headset that will run on the first version of xrOS. Here’s what we know about the innovation (Apple reality OS).

We may have used pivot kinds of AR/VR headsets but the one we’re talking about today is a shift-making to a different planet.

Reportedly, Apple is working on its new upcoming AR/VR headset that will be run on “xrOS”.

“xrOS” is a short abbreviation for “Extended Reality Operating System”that powers Apple’s upcoming Reality headset with dozens of features and innovations.

The first notion of this tidbit was marked in 2017 as “rOS” stands for “RealityOS” and was also spotted as part of some pre-release iOS 13 builds.

This clears that the community is working on this project for a long time. And based on potential rumored sources, the launch of XR headset based on Reality OS (aka xrOS) is set for 2023.

What Is Apple’s Next-Generation Reality OS?

Apple’s next-generation rOS is an operating system designed to support its Extended Reality headset. Apple calls it xrOS.

The newly called software runs on its AR/VR headset called “xrOS” which stands for Extended Reality. Extended reality functions of both virtual reality and augmented reality.

The Apple glasses will open a new-world, new-opportunity, and new-experiences for people with real-world interactions, even one step closer.

Reportedly, the xrOS is in the development stage and will have a new interface and ecosystem. The company stated to the media that they are rebuilding its native apps, including messages and maps, specifically for the new headset.

Capabilities Of Apple’s Reality OS/xrOS

Like all other Apple operating systems, this xrOS will also be designed for personalization, intuitive experiences, and effortless communication.

The xrOS will definitely be different from iWatch OS, iPhone OS, and even other genres. There have been advancements in software applications or even more, some new applications centered on AR/VR headset obligation as well.

Talking about the capabilities, Apple’s imminent AR/VR headset is one-of-a-kind in the market and has no competitors or other AR and VR headsets like the community are building for the future.

The escapade will be congenial and provide users with transformative experiences for metaverse, gaming, video content, video conferencing, and imagination of what could be possible.

Apple AR/VR Headset: What We Know So Far?

Continuing our story, our team has researched out more intel on Apple AR/VR headset and xrOS.

Learn about what software and application support it may come with, can you stream video content and what else.

Supported Apps

Apple seeks to develop a powerful headset as a device for gaming, watching online contents, media consumption, communication, video conferencing and metaverse centered.

So, the software and application support will basically fall for the above categories:

  • FaceTime will be presented in the Apple’s Extended Reality Headset or xrOS for important communication.
  • Messages with new-UI interface and features will also be available on the AR/VR headset in addition to FaceTime.
  • With some new advancement, Maps app will be available on the headset. However, the capabilities and functions are still unknown.
  • Some pre-installed games are rumored to be available in the new headset version that comes with xrOS.

App Store

Well, the family products of Apple such as the iWatch, iPhone, the Mac, etc come with their own dedicated app stores for discovering new apps.

The new AR/VR headset with xrOS is also expected to come with its own App Store. Will help users to access important applications on the extended reality headset.

Stream Video Content

Imagine you’re watching Marvel’s superhero franchise on Apple’s AR/VR headset.

Or accessing your favorite shows and web series on Apple Glass.

Supercool… isn’t it?

Apple is developing a video service for the headset, including 3D content and more. Apple TV will be available to stream video content on the headset if rumors are to be believed.The company is also planning to partner with popular third-party hosts to create content that can be watched in VR.

Apple xrOS Launch Date

Officially, as of now, there is no confirmed date announced for the release of Apple’s first and next-generation AR/VR headset that comes with xrOS.

Based on several rumors from Bloomberg reports and like others, virtual and augmented reality headsets from Apple might be launched in 2023.

The community is working devotedly on this project to make it happen, thus we would expect to see the first version of AR/VR headset with xrOS in the first half of the year.

Maybe we could witness the headset at the Worldwide Developers Conference in June.

Does Apple’s New Extended Reality Headset Will Set A Legacy?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality innovation are already around us. And with the surge of Metaverse, AR and VR technology have been advanced together with AI and ML.

Apple’s upcoming headset is an extended reality with fresh xrOS capabilities that allude to various AI-based technologies. Given that, sure this new xrOS-based headset will set a legacy for the future.

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