20.01.2024 23:26

Any New Business is Reconnaissance in Force.

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First, let's divide the population into those who want to grow and all the other zombies. Further we will write for the same as we are, i.e. those who want to grow and who have not had a stupid question for a long time - why is this needed? And all the rest, dear zombies, do not read further!

The main rules of our world:

  1. To grow, you need to push off;
  2. If you don't push off, you will fall;
  3. Time of attempt is limited.

Pushing means doing the right thing. We grow because we do the right thing, not because we work hard. If you work hard, it's wrong, there will be no growth.

The main point is to constantly improve your level.

There is a growing conflict between the desire for more state control and the desire of individuals and companies to avoid this control by remaining invisible in such attempts.

There is a deadly fight going on between corporations who want people back in the office and people who want to never set foot in an office but work where they want to live.

The more the corporate paradigm of centralized control and resource limitation tries to impose a new level of slavery, the more the tide of awareness and points of difference grows.

On the horizon of 4-5 years, people will win this fight. This will lead to the most fundamental correction in the services market.

In business, a turn is planned towards direct communication with customers + more and more legal restrictions.

Any direction where you can grow on your head with a minimum amount of resources, no matter where you live, will grow.

With vertical social elevators coming to a halt and uncertainty and unpredictability growing, people are starting to work with several companies at once as freelancers.

The stupid peasant did not understand the higher needs, and therefore the mechanism for consolidating and managing resources was centralized.

You can deceive the mind, but people feel the energy with another organ. People are idiots, but capable of feeling the truth. Sincerity is the best advertisement.

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A meager percentage is able to develop oneself into an entrepreneur, to take risks. It is not enough to be able to create, one must have iron balls, and want to become a ferocious predator, want to stop being a sheep, stop being a useful idiot and wake up.

There will always be elites who brainwash the people in ways that benefit the elites, and there will always be a significant part of the population that believes everything that is poured on it.

Universal robotization is not far off. Does this mean we will all lose our jobs? Most probably not.

World Economic Forum experts believe that the technological revolution will create 97 million jobs and reduce 85 million. According to them, robots and humans will share the work equally, with machines doing most of the hard work.

Prove what you are capable of by creating something and presenting it to the court. Are you afraid of criticism, rejection? Oh really? Then this world is not for you. There is no place for the weak in this tough world.

Do you want fame and money? Be prepared to pay. Nothing to pay or don't want to pay? You don't need to be here. Not serviced here. This is not an almshouse. Go to work, walk in a faceless formation to the squeaky melody of the boss.

99% choose "titmouse in hand", which then turns out to be just a dead dung fly, and cry - how did it happen that my life turned into shit?

The secret is that if you want to achieve a lot, you have to risk a lot. You have to put yourself in an irrevocable situation.

Wisdom often resembles madness. Everything changes when you understand the essence of the world in which you live. In reality, few people get that chance. The world is cruel. So it seems to the bear cub and he cries bitterly in his children's bedroom, littered with dusty toys.

You cannot take risks, you will not see growth and normal life like your ears. Never.

Taking risks does not mean stupidly diving into the unknown, but there are situations when nothing can be assumed in advance, and the only way to reduce uncertainty and clarify the route is to act. This is called reconnaissance. Any new business is reconnaissance in force.

There are many people who want to grow but don't grow for many reasons. They want to, but they can't. They understand that they are in a dead end.

How to understand that you are in a dead end? If you don't grow for more than a year, then you've reached a dead end, and you can stay there for the rest of your life.

Not ready to lose a couple more years? Do you want to understand why you are not growing and what trap you have fallen into?

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