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AI vs Human Creativity: Is AI Capable of Deflating Human Creativity?

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For years, Artificial Intelligence has gleaned its aplomb above-than-decent criteria.

AI uses customer emotions to learn their behavior, and understand their sentiments to provide mature results to researchers.

And now AI is set to transpose human creatives (AI vs human creativity) with its subtle intelligence and principle.

The question is… will it be capable?

Human creativity is a concept that is based on organic thoughts, trials and errors, and learning-based results, which is difficult for AI to anticipate.

And this is the biggest challenge for AI to combat, ironically.

To conclude in one word…

Artificial Intelligence Can’t Replace Human Creativity, But It Can Enhance It….(or give the vision to improve)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs Human Creativity

The relation between art and thoughts is indivisible. Humans, throughout their lives, pertain to things organically and at some times, their minds behave overwhelmingly.

This way allows us to the canvas by abstractly applying knowledge which is really difficult for AI to do so (in fact, it is not yet possible to create this type of hypo in a machine).

To be more specific, a machine integrated with AI might promisingly adapt things to learn in its atmosphere but however, but it’s combined with an apparatus – always following instructions from humans.

Machines can compose articles on their own, may generate images from text arguably, and optimize for better performances, but they can rarely come up with new ideas.

Developers are raising their minds and greatly putting efforts into codifying things like culture and sentiments to bring into AI , but the results are always underwhelming.

But, there is a scope of creativity for Artificial Intelligence.

Have you heard of “Imagen” and “Dalla-E”… if not

They are AI-based creating images from text technology that creates mind-bending images from the statement philosophy.

The lag is that it still requires humans to observe things, to suggest what to include in that image.

In the context of human creativity, the person designs things with their own thoughts based on the state of the mind’s learning. On the other hand, machines just do the things that are being told.

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Creativity: Current Challenges

Though human-created ideas are stationed on neural-based networks and gently increase anticipation in situations when necessary, AI-based creatives fail to do so and hence seek one too many potential challenges which are mentioned below.

1. Applicability of Thinking New Ideas

This is not so true that AI is vigilantly meager in design and creative fields. But the challenge is to revamp the ideas and thinking abilities of AI and make it equal precisely to human sentiments.

Innovative thinking comes from years of learning and also from the current situation of the aspect. So, AI needs to understand the ambiance first, to get deeper information to throttle ideas innovatively.

2. Understanding Culture and Sentiments

Human design creatives indeed illuminate some sort of culture and sentiments. This is the reason through which creators influenced other people to design and learn.

Creative artists perpetuate the sentiments. They rather focus on bias and aim to develop some sort of sentiment (emotion, happiness, etc)

The challenge here is that Artificial Intelligence lags behind in understanding the culture and sentiments of humans which is the big reason to worry for AI to make its position in this industry.

3. BIAS Identification

Another biggest challenge for machine creativity is BIAS creativity which gently puts AI into the stage of a media controversy to answer the question of “Can AI be truly creative?”

AI can perpetuate negative and positive biases of societal behavior but it should be capable of limiting bias in creativity.

Final Thought

Artificial Intelligence in design and creativity is mesmerizing to hear, but it seeks major challenges to improve to battle with human-based creatives.

However, the day will soon come when AI will be equal to human creativity.

Google’s Imagen AI-based creativity technology will ultimately find its place for enhancing creativity.

So, for now, it is too early to conclude that AI will deflate human creativity, but we will find this answer in future (very soon!).

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