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A Guide To Metaverse Development: Understanding the Basics

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The word metaverse has become a buzzword anywhere innovative technology is being mentioned. The topic keeps coming up in all sorts of situations, right and wrong alike. And despite how much you may or may not know about it, it’s difficult to ignore it in this tech-driven era. This is especially going by the mindblowing metaverse statistics on market size and more. So what is metaverse, and how is it developed?

This article looks at these two pertinent questions and seeks to answer them in this simple guide. Read this informative piece and gain the basic knowledge of metaverse and how to develop one for your application and use.

What is a Metaverse?

In the simplest terms, the metaverse is a virtual environment that closely imitates real-life interactions in how people communicate and connect. However, instead of humans, the metaverse uses avatars. This works by combining and merging different technologies, including artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual and Augmented Reality, the Internet of Things, Spatial Computing, and many others.

While the metaverse’s potential is still yet to be realized as it’s still in its developmental stages, it has shown a lot of viability as an excellent technology for commercial purposes. It can be used to advance commercial purposes such as meetings, events, eCommerce, communication, and social space.

But before you start building a metaverse, there are a few steps you need to follow, as discussed below:

Business Analysis and Budgeting

This process works like in any other project. You need to conduct a business analysis to identify use cases, customers, and Return on Interest (ROI). For this, you need to consult with a reputable metaverse development company. With the help of experts in the industry, you can easily get through this step as well as the rest.

A rich discovery and research phase helps build a firm foundation for a metaverse. This also allows you to budget appropriately by accurately estimating the size of the project and what you need to complete it. Any experienced metaverse consultant will help put your project on the right track and on your way to success.

Decide What you Want to Build

The first step is identifying and deciding what you need to create. Just like there are many assets in the real world, so is it in the metaverse. There is a huge variety of assets you can create here. They include things such as merchandise, real estate, games, event and meeting halls, and architectural structures, among others. The only difference is that all these things happen at the click of a mouse.

Generally, you can build one of the two types of builders in the metaverse; wearables and scenes. With wearables, these are things like digital merchandise. On the other hand, scenes are landscapes, structures, or architecture. This is the reason you need to know what to build, so you know what direction your project will take. Some metaverse creations might need approval and upfront fees, and some a higher skill level. Understanding the direction you want to take will give your project the proper start.

Choose a Metaverse Platform

After deciding on wearable or scenes, you can pick the most appropriate platform for your metaverse project. There are many platforms you can use to build your metaverse, as discussed briefly below:

  • Cryptovoxels

This is a virtual world inspired by the game world Minecraft that’s built on the Ethereum platform. This helps you to buy virtual real estate and build your stores on the same. Similarly, you can create avatars or fill your art galleries with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). But you don’t need to own real estate in crypto voxels. Free spaces outside the platform’s scenes still allow you to build on, so you don’t always need to own a parcel of land.

However, owning your space is the best way to own a structure on the platform. The platform offers metaverse development tools that allow you to easily create 3D graphics on your browser.

  • Decentraland

This is a popular platform for metaverse development, with huge brands already using it for their virtual events. This platform has become a favorite choice because of its ease in building both wearables and scenes. However, you need to ensure you have MANA which is the platform’s native currency, and also a Metamask wallet.

But if you only need to explore and experiment with the platform, it allows you to do so without the currency or the wallet.

  • Somnium space

This is another platform that offers a great experience for you if you’re looking to start building on the metaverse. However, you need to own land to build. It’s simple to use, with a drag-and-drop function helping you to edit and build your projects. One function that makes Somnium a good pick in building metaverse is its ability to include video and audio to your scenes for a better user experience.

Build Your Metaverse

When you have followed the steps discussed above, you can now start building the metaverse. The best approach, however, is to involve qualified professionals to build the metaverse for you. It may sound like a simple thing to do, but it can take you longer to get it right. Instead, you might waste time and resources.

Besides, you also need to carry out testing for quality assurance. This includes testing your creation on different browsers and devices, allowing you to check for any anomalies or bugs you need to correct before releasing your metaverse.

Final Thoughts

As the technology world continues to create innovative solutions that bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world, the metaverse is becoming a force in this space. The steps discussed above are just the basic things to do when building a metaverse, but there’s a lot more involved. If you want to learn more about metaverse creation, consult with an expert in the field and conduct proper research.

Hopefully, you have picked a few useful steps in building the metaverse. Do proper analysis and budgeting to come up with a proper use case to help you decide what you want to build. Also, take your time choosing the most suitable platform to help you accomplish your desired goal and then make your creation.

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