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8 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips For Lawyers

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In today’s internet dominated world where everything is going digital, no business can afford to ignore the digital platform to promote itself. More and more businesses are embracing digital marketing to stay ahead of the competition. And the legal profession is no different, lawyers and law firms are aggressively pursuing digital media to market themselves. Social media is an Most important part of the digital world. In this article we will discuss social media marketing tips for lawyers.

Though most lawyers have social media presence, not all make an impact. You have to implement the right strategies to make your presence felt.

1. Look for Success

Including social media in your law firm’s marketing strategy doesn’t mean just creating an account on various social media platforms.  You have to be actively engaged with your account to attract potential clients. Since you are promoting yourself, you need to make your profile thoroughly with all the details about your area of practice and expertise. It is particularly important to mention your specialization as people usually search for profiles that match their needs. You also need to place customized logos and images so that people can easily recognize you. 

And above all, you will have to regularly post on your account to keep people interested. Relevant articles and latest development in the legal field will keep people engaged. There is a lot of competition and almost every other lawyer utilizes social media to promote themselves.

2. Be Presentable

Lawyers are usually busy people, and they do not have enough time to post online content. But, with social media becoming an integral part of marketing strategy for every business, lawyers too can’t ignore it. You have to manage your time and post regularly on social media channels. Though it is difficult to find real followers, you shouldn’t resort to auto post your content as people would take them as spam. It could be counterproductive and you may lose your clients. Also, different platforms have different requirements, so you need to customize your content accordingly.

3. Continuous Process

Growing your reach through social media takes time. Social media marketing is directly associated with the number of followers one has. However, you also need to look at the type of followers you have. Many lawyers buy fans and followers just increase their base. However, these people are usually fake and probably would never need your services. Instead of buying fans and followers, you should rather try to build your fan base organically. Doing so would ensure that the people following you have interest in your practice, and are quite likely to avail your services in the future.

4. Schedule Posts

Time is a real issue with lawyers, and consistently posting content on social media can be difficult for them. Lawyers battle with time, so it can be challenging to post regularly on social media. Experienced attorneys choose an attorney time tracking app to assist them in measuring time, simplify billing, and provide space for extra job-related tasks, such as working on social media marketing strategy, as law-related obligations and tasks can be time-consuming and challenging to manage. For for this strategy to be effective, lawyers must understand which platform fits them best, when to post, and how to interact with their target audience.

5. Networking

Networking is an integral part of the legal profession. You need to proactively promote yourself by interacting with your followers. Networking on social media is very similar to physical networking and you will have to introduce yourself to others. Make sure that you reply to posts and be a part of conversations that are relevant.

6. Interact with Other Lawyers

The legal profession has different specialties and practice areas. It is rare to find lawyers who practice in multiple areas, they specialize in one field. The user base of social media is diverse and you get the chance to interact with people from different fields and you should try to connect with as many lawyers as possible. As mentioned above, the legal profession has several specialties and it is quite likely that you will get referrals from other lawyers.

7. Avoid Arguments

One important aspect of digital marketing for lawyers is to avoid online arguments as it can harm your reputation. Your opinion may differ from others, but getting involved in heated arguments should be avoided. It only decreases your credibility.

8. Do Not Over Promote

One very important thing to remember is to not over promote yourself by bragging about your achievements. Sharing your awards and achievements on social media is good, but you should be careful of not over-doing it. Such content should only be shared once in a while, or else it could alienate your potential clients.


The above mentioned social media marketing tips for lawyers should be followed by all lawyers and law firms to reap maximum benefit. You can hire any marketing agency for lawyers or lawyer marketing firm to plan and implement social media marketing strategy.

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