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7 Strategies To Leverage Traffic From Social Media

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Are you disregarding the potential of social media? This article is for you.

Social media is essentially the biggest source of traffic to your website after Google. Believe it or not, it's the most powerful platform you could capitalize on if you employ all the tactics & learn strategies.

To prove it, social media currently holds over 3.78 billion active users worldwide & it will continue to increase more as technology is making progress.

Primarily, we have to talk about Facebook & Youtube which are the largest social media sites. They get the most traffic with over 2 billion active users every month.

These 2 channels represent great opportunities for you to leverage social media strategies so you can stand out above to get the limelight. Over time, you may not know what happens in Google, you can't forecast when Google throws a bomb on your site ranking in the form of an algorithm update. So, it's really prudent & wise to first build your audience on social media & gain followers to your blog.

Here are the 7 strategies that can drive you more massive traffic from social media & grow your brand.

1. Pay for Facebook & Instagram Ads

Whenever you hear advertising, I'm sure you're dubious whether it works for your site or not. But apparently, that is not the actual case. It works like a charm if you do things correctly. Out of our experience, even we were uncertain if Facebook & Instagram ads work to bring engagement to my blog. So with my curiosity & to test its potential, we invested simply US$1.5 on a Facebook ad. Surprisingly, the results were absolutely amazing, we got 200 visitors. So imagine if you invest around $50, how much traffic you can drive to your blog.

Facebook & Instagram ads to leverage trafficHere are a few tactics you can apply:

• What's your best time to post? At what time you're getting more engagement from your audience? Research and find out more about it. How? That's simple: check your website analytics.
• Create great visual content, make it appealing to click and have a strong CTA (Call to Action)
• Have catchy title
• Convert your temporary visitors to permanent visitors with email popups & notifications
• Interact to every comment

2. Schedule & Consistency

Regular posting and consistency are essential elements of success. Do not ever give break to your incessant posts, make your page inactive or dormant. we have seen many bloggers who share posts once in a while & don't utilize the potential of social media. Do not become part of that group. Procrastinating your plans is what makes you inept & sluggish.

Scheduling & consistency are the most crucial aspects you have to keep in mind before starting the page. Choose your most suitable times on social media & share your content by scheduling your posts with tools like Hootsuite, Buffer or AgoraPulse are easy. Don't cut your streak, just schedule your posts consistently (we recommend minimum of 3 but I'd say at least 1) every day. We bet you will definitely get results & users would be interested to see your content & ultimately become engaged followers of your blog.

3. Leverage Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest may sound outdated to you, but not exactly the way you think it is. It is the best platform to leverage if your site is new and that you're looking for new ways to get traffic to it. There are millions of bloggers out who are driving millions of enormous traffic to their blog posts with catchy pin designs & perfect strategies. No kidding, take a look at the Pinterest traffic of my own blog :

Facebook & Instagram ads to leverage traffic

Yes, it hasn't reached the million-peak point. But I'm totally sure it will go steadily & make millions of visitors one day (we hope so at least). You can't just get million visitors within a day right. It requires a lot of hard work & patience to achieve the goal.

Here are good strategies to drive traffic from Pinterest:

• First, create catchy & notable pins. We personally use Canva
• The best day to publish pins is Saturday and the best time is around 8 pm to 11 pm. But, that's for my audience. It might be different for you. What's important is to test different times and days and find out what works best for you.
• Enable rich pins
• Organize your profile & create a common theme for your pins
• Publish at least one pin per day
• Target your keyphrase on the title, description, & URL
• Best pin size: 600 x 900 pixels
• Follow other boards & repin other posts. so other party will reciprocate the same
• Schedule your pins consistently with (Tailwind)

Practice this on a daily basis & we can ensure you'll get good results within a month or two.

4. Open a Youtube Channel

You know, Youtube is also regarded as a social media platform as well as a search engine which hundreds of million of people use pretty much every day. Youtube now has 2+ billion active users every month, so just guess what you can do on the platform to drive traffic to your blog from Youtube.

A lot of bloggers do the same & drive a hell of traffic to their website without even showing their face. You may ask how? Thanks to well-crafted and designed animated videos & video presentations that show their work. You can use many platforms for video presentations, one of them is Animaker. The benefit about videos is that you can explain things in a more elaborate way & put your words in the way you like. The audience is always interested to get insight through a visual representation. In the end, leave with a cliffhanger & direct audience to your blog post ( in the description ).

Collectively from your running the blog, you can also get passive income from Youtube & make them your primary career. We know there is some debate over Youtube vs blogging for quite some time, but we honestly feel it's all about which platform you want to employ more.

5. Start Facebook Groups & Twitter (X) Pages

leverage traffic from social mediaStarting a Facebook group is what we regard as bypassing the hard work for traffic & winning some passive traffic from it. Maybe i'm exaggerating a little bit though, Facebook groups do exactly work as you could have wished for.

You don't actually need to put your efforts into getting people on your group, just create a group with the name of " Bloggers" included & we bet you'll see a good amount of users rolling on the group.

The external strategy of bloggers groups is " Building relations with other bloggers, collaborations, assistance, & tips for authors" while the actual internal strategy is " Getting some traffic by sharing your blog posts on the group". However, you may think it's scheming, but you have to be conscious that you're helping other bloggers & giving them engagement. Yes, It's equal to commerce.

It's exactly the same approach to Twitter pages as well. If you're a blogger, you must be aware there are lots of blogging Twitter pages where you can share your blog posts on "Share your blog posts" comments. It's one of the efficient & simple ways (One of my personal secrets too) to roll some visitors to your blog.

6. Share Visual Content

With great content comes great value.

In this social media era we're living in, people are more attracted to visual content as opposed to a bunch of articles, though that doesn't mean people don't read the articles, what matters the most is how you allure the readers cling to your article & how you keep them engaged.

For this strategy, start creating visual content on social media to acquire an audience for your brand. Don't bother about editing, it's not so hard to design the posts when you have useful tools like Canva, & Visme. The best thing about visual content is people will remember your brand & share your image posts to others. Just think in this way, do people prefer to read an entire article than an image with a concise line? Yes, they don't have the patience to read a whole article.

Leave a bit of suspense. Use storytelling. What do we mean by that? Just put on every visual post you create a bit of suspense & prompt the users to read an entire article by providing them with a link below the post.

Tips to make terrific visual posts:

• Create themed posts
• Aesthetic Layout
• Vibrant colors
• Quality images
• Conspicuous fonts

Having said that, It's really important to keep up with your social media marketing plan as well.

7. Improve Your Social Media Handles

Don't be so untidy by making your Facebook & Instagram profiles unprofessional. When you're handling a social page, you have to be professional and become aware of page description, username, & other features.

• Common username for your brand on all social media pages
• Add a short & brief description in bio with your site's keywords, it helps with SEO
• Insert your website URL in bio.
• Use stories
• Use top hashtags based on the post's context.

Apply These 7 Social Media Strategies to Leverage Traffic - You’ll See The Results

Social media is crucial if you want to reach your audience effectively and build a community around your business. Creating content won’t cost you anything, except time and a bit of creativity. It is thus worth the effort as you’ll reach a significant return on investment, if you use social media to your advantage. Bring these 7 strategies into effect, you will definitely see gradual results. It may take time to get traction, but you will eventually stand out above others, & people will embrace your content.

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