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7 Checklist to Design a Customer-Friendly E-Commerce Website

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E-commerce is the new normal in today’s world. A lot of people from both rural and metropolitan cities know the importance of e-commerce websites.

Many people have chosen to reach customers through this mode of business. Just as there are two sides to a coin, similarly, there are two sides or benefits to the e-commerce business.

There is the seller and the buyer. With the setup of a website design company, the seller can reach people in the comfort of their home with just a click of a button. Having a website shows the genuineness of the seller and the product sold by them. Hence, having a good and user-friendly website is an essential aspect of growing the business. We have carefully curated a checklist that will help a consumer build or design a user-friendly e-commerce website.

Collect Information And Understand Your Target Audience

Understanding the product from the customer’s point of view is essential. It will help the business thrive longer in the e-commerce industry.

There will be a few questions the sellers must ask themselves. These questions are mostly related to the brand price, quality, target audience, and more. Designing the website becomes more effortless once the user knows the target audience, competition, and brand information.

Keep It Organized

Customers often swipe through the following page only because the current page is too confusing or too many products are cluttered. The user must organize the website product page in a way that the customer clearly understands the differentiation. Every product must be thoroughly categorized under particular genres, and you must add a product description to each item to avoid any conflict or discrepancy at the time of purchase.


The homepage is the brand identity. It is a page that helps the user to connect with the customer. Hence the user must have a powerful homepage that will engage the customers to read on. Many web designers have often noticed that when a homepage is not attractive, it leaves the customers uninterested. A good homepage will have all the qualities to keep the customer engaged. It includes a brand story, product information, and sometimes even displays offers or new deals.

Search Result Page

As simple as it sounds, the search result page is the search bar on the e-commerce website allowing users to find the products they are looking for. Having a search result page visible to the shopper is essential as they are not impulsive customers. They often scroll through products before they are added to the cart. The search result page must have brief information at a glance.

Create Valuable Content

The key to every e-commerce website design is valuable content. It engages the customers to understand the product and helps them decide before buying the product of their choice. Unique content will keep the customers glued to your website.

Add photos, videos, and selling range to keep the hype of the product going. A web designer will lay out all the valuable content with the pictures, selling points, and more to make a good website for the brand.

Create An Effective Landing Page

It is essential to lead your customer to a landing page, to have a user-friendly e-commerce website. The landing page will engage the customer in new deals and offers, thereby building a conversation. Landing pages are best known to increase the traffic towards your page. These pages mostly encourage customers to take action on a specific product either by adding them to the cart or offering deals.

Checkout Process

It is the most crucial page of the e-commerce website. It determines your sale and also reflects on future business. Customers often like the entire process, from searching the product to adding it to the cart. But what they find frustrating is when the checkout process takes a longer time. The user must keep this final checkout process minimal because customers don’t like filling out forms or adding their data to buy a product.

If building e-commerce is vital to your brand, let experts who understand E-commerce solutions take on the job. You never know! Their experience, insights, and strategic thinking could put your business on the road to success.

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