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7 Best Web Apps & Websites For Entertainment

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Prominently, Entertainment is a form of activity that perceives your attention and interests of your target audience and provides you pleasant feelings and responsiveness. Moreover, entertainment draws insights of various aspects of professionalism. Significantly, whether you are a seasoned digital marketing executive or social media marketer looking to invest in social media marketing business, or an entrepreneur seeking to provide social media influence to promote your brand identity to reach your brand awareness on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat etc.

Certainly, there exists dominant web apps and websites related to entertainment. Hence, we have provided top 7 web apps and websites providing significant resources and important guidelines pertaining to entertainment. Hence, in this article we have thoroughly examined and discussed about top 7 best web apps and websites for entertainment.

Thirty Mile Zone (TMZ)

Thirty Mile Zone is a celebrity-based blog related to news and entertainment that comprises about what the stars are perceiving around the Hollywood pace. Moreover, their scandal coverage contains highly focused professions such as celebrities and sports entertainment. Since, 2005 this website has been deployed on the Internet. Likewise, within short span of time TMZ became one of the most popular entertainment websites. In 2007, TMZ was termed as “Breakout Blog of 2007” by Newsweek.


One of the most famous that is revolving around the globe since 2008, featuring entertainment news, reviews, music, television shows etc. HitFix is primarily engaged for 18 to 38 years old to figure out entertainment means of conversations with proper combination of original videos and updated news with certain resources and entertainment guides. HitFix provides breaking news, genuine videos and proper engagement of technology across significant websites, web & mobile apps and social media apps with over 51+ millions of subscribers amongst each month.


Dubsmash is an entertainment video messaging web application available for iOS and Android devices. This app provides you accessibility to record your popular funny phrases and allows them to share with your beloved ones via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. This app was released in last quarter of 2014, and within short span of time this app reached of 1st ranking in Germany and later it reached over 29 other countries. As of 2015, it has crossed over 50 million times in 192 countries.


YouTube is the best video streaming website for entertainment purposes. Interestingly, YouTube comprises of Windows, Android and iOS apps providing you an accessibility to watch Videos, TV Serials, movie clips and vast collection of songs and videos with millions of subscriptions on several YouTube channels and notifies and redirects users whenever there is a new video out there in the market. Moreover, you can download videos and watch them on offline mode anytime for your consideration. YouTube also provides you accessibility to share your views via posting it on the comments section placed beneath the video section. Likewise, you can also be a YouTube Blogger by incorporating your content and earn handsome amount of money from it.


Redbox is an entertainment app available on web enabled devices, Android and iOS platforms. This app allows you to watch movies, TV shows and play games, you can also save movies, TV shows that you want to watch merely after certain time period on your Redbox location and can also provide you accessibility to watch movies and TV shows easily. With this app you would also get opportunity to watch movie trailers, figure out the release date of upcoming movies, TV serials and many more. Hence, this app is completely out of the box product for entertainment savvy enthusiasts.


Netflix is the most popular and renowned video streaming service which comes with wide variety of trending shows, award winning movies, and also official shows of Netflix. You can easily search your desired movie on the search bar of the app with their titles and there exists a wide variety of things to watch as new episodes are constantly being updated on the app. The most tremendous aspect of Netflix is that it is available on every platform allowing you to watch your desired videos on any device you wish. Moreover, you’ll also get one-month trial period to discover more services. You can also rate the shows as per your specific mindset, this will eventually produce better results with specific titles that are recommended for you.


Ted is a media organization that delivers technical, scientific and entertainment talks online with free distribution service worldwide. Ted is one of the best apps available for Android, iOS and Web Based Platforms. This app supports up-to 24 languages and comes with a simple user interface. Moreover, you can browse complete library consisting of over 100 languages with subtitles. Synonymously, you can create your own playlist and can integrated your favorite videos, and you can also download videos and audios from the Internet and can listen for unlimited hours you want!

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