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7 Best Horror Movies of All Times

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Have you ever thought about what you should do when you are feeling down or depressed? Well, we suggest you watch a horror movie! Sounds crazy? Not at all! A horror movie will surely change your mood once you get that adrenaline rush in those spooky scenes.

There are several streaming platforms where you can watch the best horror movies. You can stream these on Disney Plus, Netflix, and many other platforms too.

You don’t need to rely on only the latest ones because we have got you the seven best horror movies of all time in this post. It also helps you protect your privacy in the network.

  • The Exorcist

The Exorcist was released in 1973 and took the nation by storm. It’s a story of the daughter of an actress, Regan, who gets possessed with a Demon as she plays with an Ouija board in the basement of her house. What follows is a series of on-screen events that are going to send down chills through your spine.

But as they say, all’s well that ends well. Eventually, Regan is set free from the demon and continues to live a normal life. The movie became so popular that it won two academy awards.

  • Hereditary

Released in 2018, Hereditary didn’t have the usual happy ending to it. Instead, it’s a story of a family who starts experiencing supernatural activities once a desperate mother tries to communicate with their dead daughter Charlie. Unfortunately, during the séance session, the gateway to the demon gets opened, and their son, Peter, gets possessed.

The demon gets beyond control, and towards the end, the whole family dies with the corpses of the dead bodies of the family members who are now alive and crown Peter as their ruler.

  • The Ring

A 2002 film that will surely give you goosebumps. It starts with two friends, Katie and Becca, discussing the cursed videotape, and whoever watches it dies within seven days. But, unfortunately, Katie also shares with Becca that she and her friends have already viewed the tape and after which Katie passes away.

At Katie’s funeral, her aunt Rachel finds Katie and her friends’ death suspicious and discovers what happened. The movie then unfolds events that start opening up the mystery behind the tape. The cinematic presentation of this movie is going to keep you hooked to your screen.

  • Sinister

This movie is a 2012 release that revolves around crime writer Ellison. To write about the murder of the Stevenson family, Ellison, along with his family, moves to their house. The film depicts the sequence of the clues he discovered to find out the motive and how Stevenson’s family was murdered.

Little did Ellison know that he had put his family in line to be murdered by a deity called Bughuul, who possessed the children to murder their entire family and film it. Sounds spooky.

  • The Witch

The Witch, a 2015 release, is about a family banished from their village to live on a farm in the woods. It is about the hardships that they face and discloses the presence of witches in the woods.

The family’s supernatural experiences make them believe that one of the family members is a part of it. Towards the end, the family becomes subjected to witchcraft, and how their daughter becomes a part of the witches.

  • The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is about three friends Heather, Mike, and Josh to research and document the legend of Blair Witch. As they set off on their journey, the locals tell them the story of the legend who killed even children in pairs while having one of them watch it in the corner.

Heather, Mike, and Josh turn towards the woods despite receiving warnings that the woods are haunted. What happens after is the horror experiences that lead them to an abandoned house where they drop their cameras, and the movie ends.

  • Rec

This 2007 movie is going to give you a scare for sure. It unfolds the story of two reporters who follow firefighters to a building that has been seized due to an infection spread across the residents. The infected people tend to get aggressive, and when the reporters try to escape the building, they find a tape that has a recording that implies a demonic presence in the building.

As the reporters try to escape, one gets killed by the demonic presence, and the other gets dragged into the dark.


Although several other scary movies will give you creeps, the ones mentioned above are a few of the most popular ones that left their audiences away with sleepless nights. So whether you want to watch it with family or alone, we suggest you keep the lights on!

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