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7 Best Exercises For Building Muscle

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The physical and mental strength of a person affects a lot of things in their life. It builds up confidence, helps them deal with different situations in life, and also widens their horizon. However, most people don’t understand that mental and physical health are interdependent. Physical strength and mental strength together make a person better. Working on one automatically facilitates the other.

But the journey to physical strength is not easy. It is full of hurdles and requires a lot of patience, dedication, and hard work. The biggest sign that you are building physical strength is when your muscles are in shape and strong. However, it doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of time to build these muscles and you need constant regular exercise. Also, it needs highly supervised training. There is a right way to do this, otherwise, you may cause yourself major injury. Personalized trainers in Melbourne will guide you to work in a way that facilitates your muscle building. Everybody’s body is different and having a routine designed especially for you removes the scopes of trial and error.  However, if you want a heads up about what are the few best exercises for muscle building, this article talks about seven focused exercises that will help reach your goal.

Pull up

This exercise is extremely good for strength building. Not only does it build muscles but it also builds strength. It powers up your arms thereby tightening the muscles. This warm-up exercise is one of the best preceding exercises before you move on to weight lifting. Also, this doesn’t need an expensive prop and you can do it anywhere once you know the technique.


This particular exercise should not be done without supervision as it has the potential to severely harm you. However, deadlifting is extremely beneficial to the body. Besides building muscles, it also adds up to back training and is good for glutes and hamstring. You can also increase or decrease the weight according to your preference.

Chest Supported Row

This exercise is good for building arm muscles because, in this one, you lie on your chest supported by an inclined back, and only your arms push and pull the weight. As a result, there is additional pressure on the arms, thereby building the muscles. Moreover, this exercise is also good if you have an achy back since your lower back is free of pressure in this kind of exercise.

Inverted Row

This is one of the most popular ways of building strength for newbies. In this exercise, you pull yourself upwards while hanging from a bar. It helps you to strengthen your grip and activate your back. Good for beginners, this exercise expands your potential and prepares you further for the more difficult exercises.

Bench Press

This is the most widely acclaimed exercise for building strength. This is good for building triceps. In this exercise, you lie down on your back and lift your ribcage while your lower back forms a small arch. This also helps you to work on your pectorals.

Leg Press

Maintaining uniformity in building muscles is recommended to keep your body balanced. The difference in strength in the upper and lower body doesn’t make for a holistic muscle-building process. Exercises such as leg press with some additional squats will help you build your leg muscles. In leg muscles, you partially lie down while pressing a block with your legs. It activates your lower body muscles. Along with this, some squats build your thigh muscles, one of the most concentrated areas of fat, and also shapes the buttocks.


Although it mainly focuses on building arms strength, this exercise has multiple advantages. With arms at 90 degrees, it focuses on shifting the weight of the body with the help of tricep muscles. Keeping the torso leaned towards the leg also results in giving a good shape to this part of the body. It also increases leg balance and strength.

So, now that you know what are the seven best exercises to build muscles, go ahead and get yourself a personalized trainer who will set a routine for you to decide what combination of these exercises you do every day and for how long. Besides exercise, you should also decrease eating food that is high in fat content and reduce drinking. Drinking slows the fat burning in your body. A proper diet and the right combination of exercises will help you get a balanced figure with the perfect body mass index.

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