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6 Ways to Improve Email Deliverability in 2022

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Email marketing is something that no marketer can avoid- whether they love it or hate it. Reports show that for every $1 email marketers send, they can generate an income of $42. Email marketing can play an essential role in promoting your business.

Email deliverability is one of the critical things to consider for email marketing. It helps build a robust list that will eventually help you generate results. Besides the return on investment, email marketing can also help you manage the social media algorithms.

What is Email Deliverability?

Email deliverability refers to the percentage of the number of delivered emails. It will also help you maintain the records such as sender, IP reputation, and more. With email deliverability, you get the opportunity to understand the users’ engagement. It will prevent the email from landing in a spam folder.

Tips to Improve Email Deliverability

It is 2022, and the proper techniques can play an essential role in increasing deliverability. With the change in email marketing trends, you need to check on basics that will help you improve email deliverability.

If you are planning to enhance your email deliverability, here are some of the most important factors to consider:

1. Ensure You Belong to The Whitelist of Your Subscribers

When you gain subscribers, you need to ensure that you belong to the whitelist. This is the key to determining that you are a trusted source. You need to get the value of your email. When you send them valuable and reliable content, you can be sure that you belong to the safelist.

You should find out what the ISP and ESP are to extract the value for the business. You can use various email marketing tools to send valuable emails to your clients, and this will eventually help you generate reliable content.

2. Focus on Your Audience

Once you know your target audience, send them relevant emails accordingly. Segmenting the email list can play an essential role in enhancing the data. Once you have every data segmented, you should consider sending personalized emails.

You can filter data depending on the profession, location, and preferences. Email segmentation and personalization have a massive role in determining successful email deliverability.

When you send relevant emails to your customers, you can be sure to drive more clicks. Providing the right services to clients will play an essential role in helping you stay out of the spam folder.

3. Clean Data

Cleaning data is highly crucial so that you can receive proper results. Good email hygiene helps you achieve the right results. You should consider creating an email list based on different preferences.

You can’t just send the same email to all your customers, and you need to know who your target audience is and what caters to them the most. Sending out the right emails will play an essential role in improving the list quality.

It would help if you considered cleaning your email list regularly. Every customer wants to remove spam emails. So, it would help if you worked on improving the list and increasing the deliverability.

4. Monitor The Engagement Metrics

It would help if you considered monitoring the engagement metrics. Receiving the same emails from the same company regularly can be frustrating, and Spam complaints can harm the open and click-through rates.

If your email campaign has a negative engagement, you will not receive proper benefits, and you are likely to get more complaints and a high bounce rate. Email campaigns with negative engagement will never bear positive results. Furthermore, the ROI you generate will be significantly lower. Therefore, one of the most prominent things to do in such a situation is to focus on your engagement metrics.

You should never ignore any negative feedback or comment. Nonetheless, it would help if you also remembered that too many complaints could lead to your email marketing campaign being banned.

5. Never Attach PDF to Email

Are you sending out marketing emails? One of the best practices in such a case is never attaching a PDF to it. Many email marketers believe that adding PDFs can make things easier for the client, and they think that the clients will get to know almost everything about the client. However, it won’t work this way.

When you attach PDFs to commercial emails, there are high chances that the email will land in a spam folder, which will hamper the delivery rate. Before sending out any email to your customer, you should consider removing attachments from the body.

6. Spam Check The Subject Lines

Your subject lines help the customers to determine if the email is personalized or not. Moreover, according to experts, certain words will trigger the email to be sent into a spam folder.

One of the best ways to prevent landing in a spam folder is to avoid the spam words. You must refrain from including generic statements that can often trigger the clients. Many email marketers rely on subject line testers to see if their subject is strong enough to cater to customers’ needs.


It would help if you focused on improving the email deliverability of your business. It is not a big deal. As long as you are familiar with the basics, you can work on receiving positive results. Improving your sender’s reputation can ensure that the emails land in their inbox.

It is advisable to create well-crafted emails only to suit customers’ needs. Having long-term strategies can be one of the best ways to receive effective results.

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