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6 Things an Expert Relocation Services Company Can Do for You

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Assigned to a new country by your company? You're probably feeling swamped by all the things you need to accomplish for your big move. Wouldn't it be nice if all you need to do is pack your bags and, with your family, fly to wherever your destination may be? 

Actually, an international move can be as easy as that if you have the assistance of a mobility services company that provides special relocation services in the UAE and Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Interested? The following are six of the specialised relocation services that a mobility services company should be able to provide. 

Packing and Unpacking

Imagine having to categorise all of your belongings, putting them all in boxes, making sure fragile things will not break and irregularly shaped items will fit, labelling, sealing, and all that. Additionally, you never truly realise how much clutter you've accumulated until you have to start packing to move somewhere else.

Packing is probably the hardest thing you'll have to deal with when moving, perhaps with the exception of unpacking. But an international mobility services company can pack and unpack for you.

They will have trained staff to pack all of your belongings for you. They will have a tried and proven packing system, custom packing materials and crates, and specialised wrapping and handling techniques to safeguard fragile and valuable items. At the end of it all, you'll get neatly labelled and packed boxes and crates ready to be shipped to your next stop.

In your destination country, the same company that packed your things will unpack them for you. Trained staff will painstakingly unpack all of your belongings from meticulously sealed crates and boxes then put them where you want them. They'll put your favourite Van Gogh reproduction on the wall, your precious display china on the credenza, and your cherished family photo frames on the console table. 

Cargo Transport and Shipping

This is the primary service of any mobility services company. But not all relocation companies are equal. Look for a mobility solutions provider with a proven track record for safely transporting items over long distances and across international borders.

Moving belongings from one country to another means shifting carriers, employing different transport methods, and dealing with customs clearance requirements. This can be quite a complex landscape to navigate for inexperienced providers.

A mobility company that has decades of experience in relocation can do it all seamlessly for you. They will pick up your cargo, transport it by air, land, or sea as appropriate and as per your budget, and file all the paperwork so your items will be cleared to ship out of your home country. 

They will pay all of the freight charges and make all of the arrangements, subject to your agreement, of course. Then, they will send all the requisite documentation to their partners in your destination country for proper turn-over.

That destination partner will then help you with the process of getting customs authorities to release your cargo to you. 

Visa and Work Permit Services

International mobility companies also often have visa and permit processing services, so they can help you obtain your work visa. They will have expert consultants from your destination country to help you understand the particular visa requirements applicable to you. 

They will get you and your family entry visas and process the documentation for your work and residence permits. The mobility services company will do all the work, including obtaining the requisite legal and translation work as well as completing and submitting all requirements. 

Destination Facilitation Services 

An international mobility services provider will ensure that all you'll need to do is rest and get acclimated when you reach your destination country. 

While you are still in your home country, they can start searching for a new home for you. Or if you'd rather be physically present when choosing your long-term accommodation, the relocation company can help find you suitable temporary accommodation.

A mobility services company will help you simplify your search because they would know what types of accommodation and which neighbourhoods are popular among expatriates. They will be making only relevant recommendations and therefore ensure you don't waste any time. You can choose your new residence confidently, knowing that you are choosing from your best options.

Your children will be able to settle in much faster because the relocation company will find you suitable schools in which to transfer them. They should also be able to find you language training institutes in case you and your family need to learn your destination country's language. 

Pet Relocation Services

Ideally, your pets will travel with you when you move from your home country to your destination country. But if that is not possible for some reason, you should be able to rely on your mobility services company to transport your pets for you.

 The relocation company will deal with all of the compliance issues concerning the transport of pets across international borders. Your destination country will likely require blood tests, and there will be permits and clearances to file. A global moving company will deal with all such requirements and ship your pet safely and promptly to you. 

Relocation Expense Management

As an employee relocating to a new country for company work, you must strictly account for your relocation expenses.

To keep yourself organised and ensure that you do not neglect your reportorial duties, your company can engage an international mobility services provider that provides relocation expense management services. 

In this scenario, the mobility services provider will pay your rent, utilities, and all other things that must be expensed with the company. They will keep all receipts, keep you compliant, and help your company keep accurate tax records. 

Expert Help Is Invaluable

Moving to a strange new country for work is exciting, and it can also be daunting. 

But if you obtain the assistance of an expert international mobility services company that provides specialised relocation services, you’ll find moving a much more manageable undertaking. 

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