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6 Strategies for Quickly Expanding Your Business

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Scaling a business is always challenging. It requires painstaking attention to the fundamentals and an ability to wear different hats.

An entrepreneur has to deal with sales and marketing, make sense of taxes and corporate compliance, and take care of customer interactions. Growing a business is hard, but it is still better than a soul-crushing 9 to 5 job.

If you look at things in perspective, growing your business will no longer seem insurmountable. With the help of an animated explainer video company, you will boost sales and brand awareness. These seven strategies will take your company to the next level quickly.

6 Strategies for Quickly Expanding Your Business

1. Build a Sales Funnel

Understand your customer journey — from discovering your brand to making a purchase. Without a funnel, you are flying blind. It will let you automate the business and grow it quickly.

For example, you will know that consumers at the top should not be targeted with aggressive ads, as they have only learned about your business, while those at the bottom are your warm leads. The funnel must correspond to the nature of your business.

2. Utilize a CMS

customer management system saves time and effort. There is a wide variety of CMS, so choose one that matches your line of work.

For example, Salesforce is a leading cloud-based solution, while QuickBooks will streamline accounting, and InfusionSoft will help with marketing and sales. Most popular CMSs integrate with other cloud-based systems seamlessly.

3. Create a Loyalty Program

Did you know that acquiring a customer is at least 300% more expensive than selling something to an existing one? A loyalty program will boost retention, so you can work on both fronts. If consumers have a clear incentive to stick to your brand, it is bound to pay off in the long run.

4. Seek New Opportunities

Dive deep into audience research to identify untapped opportunities presented by your target demographics.

Consider everything from distribution to competition, including foreign markets and related industries. Most probably, there are dozens of fresh opportunities to pursue — you just need to gather data to see them.

5. Form Strategic Alliances

Partnering up with the right companies will expand your reach instantly. Identifying such opportunities is the most difficult part. Choose brands whose products or services complement your own, so you can get a strong influx of leads. Reach out to them and outline the benefits of working with you.

6. Diversify your Offers

Think about ways to diversify your core offers, such as product extension. What additional products, services, or information could you offer? What else can you sell to your audience? Where else can you add value? What problems can you solve that are not highlighted in your ads?
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Final Tip

These are some top strategies for quick expansion. If you advertise on social media, consider adding more platforms whose audiences suit your buyer profile. AI-powered marketing tools will let you create ads for Facebook and transfer them to Instagram or Snapchat quickly.

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