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6 Pilates Exercises That’ll Make Your Abs

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Having a strong core is quite desirable for practising fitness. If you are looking ahead to strengthen your, then adding up the Pilates exercise routine in your regular workout plan is the best way to go for it. The best thing about Pilates is its ability to build muscle endurance and stability in the midsection. You can look for gaining benefits from these exercises without using any kind of equipment other than a yoga mat.

Few Things To Know While Practising Pilates:

  1. The first rule to start with Pilates planks is to work out right by following the basic principles, including flow, precision, control, breath, centering, and concentration.
  2. Always ensure to engage the core muscle while performing the workout.
  3. Another important thing while performing planks in pilates is to allow your torso to be rigid and straight and form a straight line without any bend.
  4. Be sure that your head is relaxed and is looking at the ceiling or floor.
  5. Pilates is quite effective, especially for the abs, if you keep repeating the exercise and increasing your reps with passing days.

Six Pilates Exercises That Can Help You Make Your Abs:

Leg Kicks:

The leg kick exercises are easy and quick to practice. To start the same, you need to lie on the left side with your legs together and straight so that your body forms a straight line. Next, lift your left forearm, elbows and head towards the ceiling and your ribs off the floor. Now you can place your right hand on the floor to balance. Next, raise the right leg to the hip level and flex the foot to allow your toes to point forward. The leg kicks can be practiced anywhere and are one of the famous mat pilates in Melbourne city.

Exhale as you start kicking and swing the right leg in the forward direction based on two counts every time uttering “Kick, Kick”. Now inhale and point your toes and also swing the leg back, passing your left leg; that’s a single rep. You can practice 6-10 reps without lowering the legs and then switch to the left side and repeat the exercise.

Elbow Plank:

The elbow plank is another best workout for core muscles and abs. As it directly targets the core, back, and abdominal muscles. To start with the same:

  1. Align your body in the normal position of the plank.
  2. Keep the forearms on the mat and look ahead by engaging the core for lifting your body and forming a bridge.
  3. Make sure that your body should be forming a line, and your legs are joined.
  4. In the initial stages, start withholding the position for 30 seconds, then slowly increase it to 60 seconds or 40 seconds.


Start using Nordic Strong by lying on your back, flat feet on the floor, arms at your sides, and legs bent. Next, tuck your tailbone and then lift the back off the floor, a vertebra at a time to form a straight line from the shoulder to knee. Now pause yourself at the moment to squeeze your glutes. That’s one rep, and for starting, you can complete two rounds of 10 reps and increase with practice.

Toe Taps:

Toe Taps is an effective exercise for the abs. Start with lying on the back by our sides, bend your legs by 90 degrees, and lift your feet in the air. Go ahead by hinging your hip joints to your lower left foot towards the floor and without allowing your lower back to lose control with the mat. Now lift your leg back position to start the exercise by engaging the lower abdominals, and that’s a single rep, complete ten reps each for two rounds.


If you do not have enough time for cycling, then the Pilate Bicycle can help you out. You can start by lying on your banc and allow your hands to be clasped behind the head, wide elbows and legs bent at 90 degrees, and your feet lifted in the position in the air. Now rotate your torso towards the right side and extend your left leg at 45 degrees straight. Remember to keep your hips grounded while twisting. Finally, you can return to the start position and switch your sides. Try performing 20 reps daily.

Back Opening Stretch:

Start the exercise by lying on your back and bending the legs by raising at 90 degrees. Remember to ensure your heels are always in the line of your butt and hands clasped behind the head and your elbows framing the face. Now start moving your hips and rotating your right elbow and your upper torso backward. Maintain your concentration and compete with at least six reps on every side.

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