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6 Benefits of Using T3 Medication

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Te thyroid gland produces thyroid hormone to aid the body in a myriad of ways, many of them related to metabolism, although your heart and your mood can also be affected. Thyroid hormone comes in two types, T3, which is the general workhorse of thyroid function, and T4 which is more specialized and could perhaps be said to be a fine-tuning hormone, after the T3 hormone has done most of the work.

Why Would I Need Thyroid Medication?

Sometimes things go wrong with the thyroid, leaving you with too much or not enough naturally produced T3 and T4 in your system.

Some people naturally do not convert sufficient T3 hormone to T4 hormone, and this can be problematic for them. In general, if you produce too much thyroid hormone (called hyperthyroidism) the only treatment is to completely reverse the condition until your thyroid is made to underperform, essentially giving you the same condition as those whose thyroids are not working as well as they should be: hypothyroidism.

This is because there is no known treatment for hyperthyroidism, but there is one for hypothyroidism: thyroid medication.

How is Hypothyroidism Treated?

If you have hypothyroidism, treatment involves a prescription for artificial T4 hormone (the lightest treatment), artificial T3 hormone (a very strong medication that can cause alarming side effects until the right dosage levels are found), or, more commonly, a mixture of the two.

What are The Benefits of Taking T3 Medication?

Taking T3 medication, whether by itself (which is rare and only used in extreme cases due to the severity of some of the side effects) or in conjunction with a lesser, balancing, dose of T4, can provide almost miraculous benefits to a patient who has been suffering with their loss of thyroid function – here are just six of them:

  • Weight loss will occur and normalize: the thyroid’s part in the metabolism can see patients gain weight as their thyroid loses function. Once the medication is begun, this excess weight will melt away again, leaving you your usual svelte self. (Do note that thyroid medications should not be used as a weight loss tool: it is only effective when the gain has been caused by thyroid dysfunction.
  • Temperature regulation will stabilize: Hyperthyroid people feel very warm and hypothyroid people struggle to warm up, even when bundled up or sitting right next to a fire. Thyroid medication kickstarts the metabolism into burning energy at an optimal rate and this helps to restore normal body temperature.
  • The mood will stabilize: Hyperthyroid patients can become anxious and nervy, jumping at shadows and unable to relax, while hypothyroid people are the
  • Opposite, irritable and sluggish, and often too tired to be excited about things that they really should be celebrating. Thyroid medication can offer a new lease on life, restoring an even mood and a new appreciation of life.
  • Skin and bone health will improve: Bone strength will be restored and your skin will lose its dull, cracked appearance, becoming supple and youthful once more.
  • Energy will rebound to normal levels: As mentioned above, along with your mood, your energy levels will be restored, and you will once again have the time and urge to resume your hobbies and restore your relationships with family members and friends.
  • Sleep disruption will be eliminated: Hyperthyroid people tend to sleep lightly, waking often and not really getting sufficient deep sleep to be truly rested, while hypothyroid people can sleep very deeply indeed – sometimes alarmingly so as thyroid levels can dip low enough to send the sufferer into a coma, at which point urgent medical treatment is immediately required. A correct dose of T3 medication evens out these issues, leaving you rested with a much healthier body and mind.

Where Can I Get T3 Medication?

Speak to your primary care physician about where and how to get T3 medication, and then work with your doctors to find the best dose for your personal needs. As medicine generally is moving towards a more tailored approach, it is simply catching up with thyroid treatments which have long been tailored to the individual patient’s weight, the severity of illness, and needs.

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