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5 Ways to use Irresistible High-Value Offers to Attract Clients to your Business

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The entire concept and objective of digital marketing is to serve one specific purpose – to generate leads.

After all, leads are the fundamental building block of your online business. Leads help generate product/brand awareness on a large scale. And, if you play your cards right, it doesn’t take long for leads to transform into loyal customers.

Of course, there are countless variables included in digital marketing. But, if your business is a startup, it usually makes more sense to concentrate on generating quality leads.

5 Ways to use Irresistible High-Value Offers to Attract Clients to your BusinessRecent studies show that companies that practice lead generation strategies are considered more valuable as compared to the ones that don’t. In fact, companies that generate 60% leads online are twice as valuable as companies that generate only 20% online leads.

However, in most of the cases, generating quality links can be a tricky task, especially for startups. Extensive marketing strategies do not always produce ideal results.

So, what is the best option to boost your lead generation?

The simple solution is to come up with a unique marketing strategy and creating an irresistible offer that your audience simply cannot resist.

How do you do that?

Well, that’s precisely what we intend to help you learn here.

What is an irresistible offer?

The term is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

The concept of arousing curiosity and making consumers believe that your product provides higher value is (smart) digital marketing 101.

After all, who doesn’t like saving up some extra bucks while shopping, right?

There is nothing more satisfying (as a consumer) than purchasing products that provide the best value for money. And, that is precisely what the concept of irresistible offer exploits.

Irresistible offer simply means proposing unique selling prospect to consumers that will force them to consider investing in your product. The unique selling prospect can come in the form of lower price tags, better quality or products, or simply something unique and original.

The main objective is to arouse curiosity and excitement around your product.

As one of the leading internet marketers, Mark Joyner, correctly states, “There is no substitute for an ecstatic customer.”

Why you should use a high-value irresistible offer

The simple answer to why you should implement high-value irresistible offer is simply because that’s what the general consumers require.

Irrespective of what market you’re targeting, the value of presenting an irresistible offer remains constant. After all, at the end of the day, customers are looking to obtain maximum value with minimal investment. And, that is specifically what offering irresistible marketing prospects allows you to achieve.

As Chris Guillebeau puts it –

Why you should use a high-value irresistible offer“A compelling offer is like a slice of orange at mile 18. It’s a marriage proposal from the guy or girl you’ve been waiting for your whole life. An offer you can’t refuse is like the $20,000 Bonderman Fellowship offered every year to graduating seniors at the University of Washington.”

In brief, if you want customers to say “YES” to your products/services, you simply present them with a compelling offer that they cannot resist. Thus, by presenting such irresistible offers, you automatically generate organic interest. And, once you’ve got their attention, the sales will automatically generate itself.

Here are some examples of lead magnet ideas that will help your startup business attract customers and boost your sales.

5 ways you can use irresistible high-value offers to attract clients to your startup business

Example #1: Gmail

(Limit the offer to an exclusive group of people)

Now, to a lot of people who are just learning digital marketing, the idea of limiting the offer to only some exclusive group may sound unwise. But, get this, making the offer scarce can actually elevate its quality and boost the demand as well.


Gmail Coming Soon Business GrowthPeople, by nature, are drawn to gambling. The higher the stakes involved, the more they are drawn to it. So, by limiting the offer, you’re basically exploiting that natural characteristic.

For example, in 2014, when Google first launched a private beta version of their email service (Gmail), they made it accessible only to a group of 1000 leaders.

In turn, these people were allowed to invite their respective friends and family and share their honest opinion.

By the time the next beta test for Gmail was set to take place, its demand was so high that people were buying Gmail accounts from eBay for $150 and more.

If you make your offering scarce and make it irresistible enough, people are eventually going to want to get their hands on it. And, that was exactly the case with Gmail.

Example# 2: Oneplus

(Let the value outweigh the offered cost )

There is nothing more irresistible than promising premium products/services at a low cost.

OnePlus One High-Value Offer Advertising 2014 Flagship KillerThere is no better way to grab your customers’ attention than to offer flagship products at a low cost.

You can never underestimate the value of helping consumers save up some extra bucks.

So, the trick here is extremely simple and straightforward – offer premium products at budget price segments.

And yes, we know, such marketing prospects might not sound “profitable.” But, with calculated strategy implementation and crisp execution, you can achieve amazing results.

One of the classic examples of a brand that was able to implement this specific marketing concept with utmost efficiency is Oneplus.

Oneplus is a Chinese smartphone brand that has taken the industry by storm. The main reason behind their massive success is primarily due to their traditional practice of offering flagship devices at a low cost.

Back in 2014, when top-tier smartphone manufacturers like Samsung, Google, and Apple were offering their flagship devices for $499 (and above), Oneplus released their debut smartphone at just $299.

The device (Oneplus One), in some aspects, offered even better specifications than the higher-priced flagship products. This made Oneplus an instant hit and compelling enough for consumers to switch their brand loyalty to Oneplus.

Fast forward to 2020, Oneplus is amongst the top-tier smartphone brands with a net worth of over $1.5 Billion.

Example #3: Dominos Pizza

(Use unique and authentic marketing ideas)

What would you say is the main objective of promotional marketing?

Well, obviously, to spread awareness and also to present unique buying prospects of the product. But, an effective promotional content is that which can make the product look irresistible and compelling enough for consumers to go ahead and take action.

However, creating an irresistible promotional idea can be a daunting task. Simply saying, “Here is the product, come and buy it” does not evoke enough curiosity amongst the audience to invest in the product.

Dominos Pizza High Value Offer Attract ClientsDominos is one of the best examples to showcase how an irresistible marketing idea can skyrocket one’s brand reputation.

Back in the 1980s, when Dominos were almost on the brink of bankruptcy, its founder Tom Monaghan came up with one of a unique promotional idea – the 30-minute policy.

The promotional tagline of “30 minutes or less…or it’s free” became synonymous with Dominos Pizza. And, although they discounted the offer later on (in the US), Dominos is still popularly associated with the tagline even today.

The 30 minutes policy was unique and original. But, most importantly, the idea of getting a pizza for free was irresistible enough for customers to place orders readily.

Example# 4: BlueHost

(Low service cost, same solution)

If your business includes offering various technical assistance to other websites, BlueHost is one of the best places to look. BlueHost is a website that offers premium web hosting services at entry-level pricing.

Bluehost Best Web Hosting PricingBlueHost offers web hosting services like free site builders, domain, and WordPress install at $3.49 per month. This is in comparison to other similar websites like Godaddy, A Small Orange, and Hostgator that offer similar services at a starting cost of $4.00 per month.

This is one of the best examples of how startups can start competing with existing brands from the get-go. BlueHost, at present, is responsible for powering over 2 million websites worldwide.

Of course, the price difference may not be quite substantial.


For a startup business looking to kick-start its website venture, this is a compelling offer as it allows them to save up some extra funds for other crucial initial investments.

Example #5: Social Trigger

(Offer an irresistible promise with an achievable outcome)

One of the simplest ways to generate the organic curiosity of your customers is to make bold promises. Of course, you would have to keep in mind to make sure you make promises that are practical and achievable.

Impractical promises like “double your money back, if not satisfied,” can harm your brand’s reputation.

First of all, it is hard to keep such absurd promises, especially for a startup. Besides, such claims put your brand in a very vulnerable situation and become an easy target for scammers.

Instead, make promises that are achievable and believable as well. When you make bold promises, it shows your confidence and faith in your product.

Most importantly, when you deliver on your promises, it is only natural to see the number of customers grow. One of the best examples of irresistible lead magnet ideas can be seen below.

Social Triggers Get 5,000 Subscribers for FreeDerek Harplen from Social Triggers implements a compelling lead magnet to encourage people to join his email list.

The best part about the offer is that it makes an irresistible (and achievable) claim and delivers on the outcome as well.

Thus, creating an irresistible lead magnet by making bold and achievable promises is one of the most effective ways to generate organic client interest in your product.

Main Takeaways

Main Takeaways● A high quality and relevant offer limited only to a scarce number of audiences generate interest and curiosity amongst the consumers. People will eventually want to get their hands on it and even take drastic measures to take advantage of the offer.

● Present customers with offers whose value outweighs the proposed cost. Customers who know they are getting the best deal for their money’s worth are more likely to develop brand loyalty in the long run.

● Offer the same solution as your competitors, but at a reduced cost. This will help in attracting a lot of interest amongst potential customers, especially startups. The idea of gaining maximum solution with minimal investment is too good a business prospect for any party to resist.

● Create an irresistible promise with a practical and relevant outcome that can benefit customers in the long run. An efficient lead magnet is that which can both arouse curiosity and offer relevant outcomes at the same time.

Attracting Clients to your Business with Irresistible High-Value Offers

Implementing irresistible high-value offers can seem extremely simple and unsophisticated on the surface. But, in a real-world scenario, there are several crucial elements that you need to keep in mind while implementing it.

The key to success lies in executing the task efficiently and also understanding what your audience requires in the first place.

If you have any additional queries regarding the topic, feel free to post the same in the comment section below.

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