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5 Ways to Get Cheap & Stylish Maternity Clothes

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Pregnancy is an exciting time in every women’s life which comes with many big changes. All the mommy-to-be try to balance everyday activities with all the morning sickness, all this while looking their fashionable best. For those pregnant ladies whose priority is keeping up with the fashion trends, the cost can be daunting to some. However, there are several ways in which you can save money on maternity clothes which will not only reduce the expenses but also the additional stress in your life.

If you believe that dressing nicely will make you feel better especially during your pregnancy period, then here are some super fashionable ways to save money on maternity clothing-

  • Buy Second Hand Maternity Clothes-

You can try the thrift stores and you might be in luck and score some used women’s clothing in good conditions. However, another amazing place to find secondhand women’s clothing is online. The internet is a great place if you are looking for deals and discounts for greater savings!

You can simply search for used women’s clothing and we are sure various option for you to choose from will pop up.

  • DIY-

If you are a creative, crafty and know how to sew, then you can simply watch videos or read blogs and DIY some really cool clothes so you don’t have to buy yourself a whole new wardrobe. Simply make use of what’s available in your closet. Just because our belly is growing doesn’t mean so is your budget. Use various style hacks to create uber chic clothes for yourself!

Here is super simple DIY for you to try- Adding an elastic waistband to an old dress can turn it into a cool new skirt. How simple was that?

  • Borrow Maternity Clothes from a Friend-

If you have a friend who has just had a baby, she doesn’t need her maternity clothes anymore and would be happy to pass them on to you. Don’t feel shy and simply ask her if you can borrow or even buy her maternity wardrobe at a discounted price.

  • Invest in Classic Fashion Pieces-

This is one of the most useful style tips. Investing in some classic statement fashion pieces which you can wear during pregnancy as well as after pregnancy. Wondering what these clothing pieces are? Here are to name a few- jersey pencil skirt, paper bag trousers or skirt, A-line skirts and dress, wrap dresses, etc. These are some classic pieces which you won’t want to burn after pregnancy.

  • Buy from Ukay Ukay Clothing for Women–

Ukay Ukay is a high fashion store that allows pregnant women to buy clothes and accessories at really cheap prices. The clothes and accessories sold by Ukay Ukay is usually shipped from all the different countries of the world. This website sells second-hand clothes bags, shoes, and other accessories at very cheap and bargain prices.

  • Deals & Discounts-

Look for deals and discounts. Buying maternity clothes at full price can burn a hole in your pocket, which is why you must look for deals and discounts. A lot of shops have good quality clothes at dirt cheap prices towards the end of the seasons. You can even sign up with these shopping sites and be an insider to all the early bird discounts.

  • Husband’s Clothes- 

If your style statement is more comfortable then chic then you can take inspiration from literally the cheapest method i.e. stealing your husband’s clothes. Robbing your boyfriend’s closet was always fun so why not now? Roll up the sleeves of an oversize big button-down shirt, wear a cami inside and leave the buttons open. Add a scarf for that feminine flair. You can even add a thin leather belt under your bust to make your outfit look stylish!

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of life and dressing in sweats and t-shirts will only make you feel more self-conscious about your growing belly. Instead, dress fashionably on a budget and feel good about yourself.

Do share your go-to pregnancy clothes and also how you have saved money on maternity clothes during your pregnancy period?

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