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5 Useful Tips When Starting Your Magento Webshop

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New figures from Statistics USA show that 8,000 new web stores were launched in the past year. In addition, 5000 have also stopped. How can this be? Entrepreneurs do not invest in the right things or underestimate online business. Entrepreneurs are often looking for ‘the next big thing’. A webshop (like Magento webshop) is relatively easy to start and it is often seen as a huge opportunity, which means that they have relatively little to lose.

Online spending is still on the rise, which is a positive development for the e-commerce industry. However, it is not easy to start a successful webshop. The e-commerce market has matured enormously in just a few years, so as an entrepreneur you will need a solid e-commerce strategy to enter the market of new entrants.

Along with Magento, WordPress and Shopify are also useful and come with many plugins such as WooCommerce and much more that help entrepreneurs foster customer loyalty. But Magento’s popularity is not hidden and encourages many online businesses to leverage Magento for their online business. 

Pro Tips When Launching Magento Webshop

Because of its capabilities, scalability, and flexibility, more merchants are selecting the Magento platform to manage their businesses. Magento is typically used by businesses as an online sales channel that is integrated with their ERP and accounting systems. Here are some premium tips that help you launch a Magento webshop right away. 

Tip 1: Make Enough Time For Your Magento Webshop

It is really no longer possible to be only ‘half’ online if you want to do serious online business. Where many shops start or once started as a side job, it is certainly at the beginning underestimated how much time the work of a webshop entails. Think of customer questions, packages that are returned, stock management and the overall maintenance of a webshop. In addition, a good marketing strategy is essential to generate traffic and therefore turnover.

Tip 2: Be Distinctive in Several Areas

What makes your store unique from others? Themes and features. If you are clueless about the theme or layout, you can seek help from  magento theme development services and ask them to customise as per your business standards. Where previously the retailer was able to address its customers by the first and last name and thus be able to directly measure customer satisfaction, this is slightly different in the e-commerce sector. Customers will have to be served at their beck and call in all areas.

This starts with an optimised webshop in which aspects such as ease of use, order processing, after sales and customer service play a major role.

The webshops that know how to combine fantastic service with a well-considered range and competitive prices have a good chance of success.

Tip 3: Determine what is Important for your Visitor

Think carefully about how you will approach the online visitor of your Magento webshop. What do they think is important? Does the shop have to be super fast? Ultra easy checkout? Slick responsive design? Have the best Magento hosting?  Do they want to order via order lists or do they just want to browse through your shop at ease? All things that you need to determine in advance when it comes to online user convenience.

It is important to research what is best for you to invest in. For example, in one shop the price is leading and in another shop the wide range, the service, free delivery or the long delivery times at your favourite collection point or at home.

In addition to your beautiful Magento shop with a suitable range, it is important that you offer the visitor a pleasant stay in your web store and of course you want them to pay as much as possible. Provide an extensive search function and filters, beautiful images, up- and cross-sell activities. “others also bought…” or offer products in bundles.

Think carefully about how your target group wishes to be approached. If they have a question, they want a short and practical answer or a nice long email. Would they rather chat with an employee? Dial? Or would they rather request an official quote? Try testing different options to see which ones convert best.

Tip 4: Think Carefully about which Market you are going to enter

Before you storm the online market with your product, I think it is wise to check whether you are a unique addition. You can of course go online with the umpteenth clothing, audio and hi-fi or car parts store, but do you manage to keep your head above water? And realize that a well-run physical store is no guarantee for online success. A niche market with relatively little competition increases your chances of success.

Do not underestimate your own knowledge when it comes to online business. Thoroughly research the market in which you want to operate and make wise choices based on that.

Tip 5: Be critical about the appearance of your shop

Once you have conducted research and released a budget, remember that in addition to building your shop, you also need to invest in the appearance of your shop, logistics and marketing activities course.

Given the great competition online, the appearance, ease of use and conversion of your webshop is very important. Does your webshop inspire confidence? And can it compete in a large competitive market full of online shoppers who are increasingly spoiled by large online parties with huge budgets? Of course, the same also applies to webshops made with Magento, almost everything can be realized, only as an entrepreneur you have to make the right choices. 

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