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5 Simple Travel Tips And Tricks

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No doubt, everyone has their own favorite travel tips and tricks. And it is no surprise; there is a lot of content of this kind available on the web.

But we have tried to keep the tips simple yet essential, one needs to consider on every travel trip. For our version of travel tips, we stay away from obvious ones that are repeated again and again over the travel blogs.

P.S. You have any unique tips of your own? We would love to read about them in the comments below this post.


There is nothing more frustrating than carrying extra luggage while traveling. It is no surprise, extra luggage make your journey or trip hectic and tiresome.

So it is always recommended to carry less stuff as possible during your travel trip. Drew Binsky, a famed travel blogger, he has been to 153+ countries around the world says, “I always travel with 2 backpacks, a big one and a small one. That’s all.” 

Are you looking for the best travel backpacks?

Don’t get puzzled over numerous options available over the internet. Here we list top 5 backpacks of 2019.

  • Nomadic Travel Bag: Best Overall Travel Backpack
  • Osprey Aether 70L: Best Hiking Backpack for Men
  • Osprey Aura 50L: Best Hiking Backpack for Women
  • Tortuga Out breaker: Best Full-Size Carry On
  • Osprey Ozone 42L: Best Travel Bag with Rolls

The problem of bulky luggage can be solved by renting a car. Thus, you will be able to take the necessary things with you and see various sights in a short time.


The foremost benefit backpacks bring when traveling, allows you to strap to your back you will hardly feel the weight on your back.

Significantly, when traveling with a backpack your hands are free to use Google maps to find your destinations, tackling stairs is not a problem and you can formally join the backpacker flocks!


Google Maps is a fantastic tool for travelers and provides heaps of advantages to make your trips easier. Below some of the reasons enlisted why you should consider Google Maps when you travel.

  • You Can Save Locations
  • You Can Download Cities Or Smaller Section of the Maps For Offline Use
  • You Can Track Location History
Let me share a few cool Google maps tricks here:

Do you want to use Google maps offline or in airplane mode? Simply load a city in Google Maps before starting off the journey, and the little blue GPS dot will follow you around as you roam the city.

Do you know? You can download maps of certain cities by simply open up the particular city and type “Okay Maps” in the search bar.

New Google Maps feature now help you find your parked car. When you about to park your car, open the Google Maps, turn your location on, tap the blue dot i.e. your location and save your location. In addition, you can edit or save notes; above all, you can also share parking location to anyone.


It appears like there are numerous flight search engines these days and it’s annoying to find which ones are best.

According to Drew Binsky and his experience of booking 400+ flights, he suggests Google flights and Kayak are the most reliable and cheapest flight search engines available.

Want to travel on your friend’s birthday, don’t care where, but have a strict budget? No problem. Google flights allow you to compare flight prices across several dates in a month. Or you can also enter your budget and Google flights help you find a flight in your reach.

While KAYAK searches hundreds of travel destinations to show travelers the information they need to book the right flights, hotels, rental cars, and holiday packages.

Here are more tips when buying flight tickets:

  • Book Early for Cheap Flights
  • Set Price Alerts
  • Book a Connecting Flight

If you want discounted flight deals, sign up for flight deals mailing lists. These two websites provide discounted flights deals from the United States and Europe, listed below:

  • The Flight Deal.com
  • Holiday Pirates.com


Do you want to feel like a home when abroad? Or do you want to live like a local? Find local accommodation options around whether you are going to a Christmas in Nashville TN or other destinations.

Staying at local apartments or homes makes you like a local and creates a sense of home. Avoiding expensive rents of hotels and consider local apartments and homes ultimately makes your trip budget-friendly.

Air BnB is the best option, where you find hundreds of local hosts in a particular city on a less budget.

Do you know you can stay at a local’s place even for free? Yes! You heard it right.

With Couchsurfing.com, you can stay with locals in 2 lac cities around the world. Travel like a local, stay in someone’s place, and experience the travel in a way money can’t buy.


Before you visit any country, try to learn at least the top 10 words or phrases that you can use to communicate with natives.

Literally, when you communicate with locals in their native language, it will create harmony and a sense of love for you.

You can learn a lot of popular words & phrases by watching YouTube Videos. If you want to get more serious, watch movies in the language you want to learn with English subtitles.

Here are the top 3 mobile applications; you can use to learn any language:
  • Memrise
  • LinguaLift
  • Duolingo

Let’s sum up this quick and simple guide, describing 5 essential tips and tricks need to consider on every trip. So, let’s “Work, Travel, Save, Repeat.”

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