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5 Reasons Content Marketing Is The Future Of Your Brand

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Ecommerce has received a significant level of development, the Internet that was merely used to establish contact for a trade to be made is now being used to trade itself. You do not have to go to any shop as you can now order for what you want from the comfort of your home. No longer must you hire a salesman or woman to force your business, goods or services down people’s throat. Instead, you put them up at one place people are most likely to visit every day, the internet. To do this, however, you need a strategy. 

There are numerous marketing strategies, some were once effective, some are still effective while others are meant to carry you to the future. Change is constant as a good number of things that used to lead the way are now obsolete and marketing strategies are no different.

SEO Friendly, More Traffic and More LeadsBefore now, marketing strategies were about being able to sell your products. Nowadays, marketing strategies are now aimed at more than just being able to sell your products.

They are now aimed at building a better, stronger and healthier business relationship between you and your customers. There are tons of marketing strategies but one that will serve as a long-term goal is content marketing.

First, nothing promotes a brand better than what it has to offer. What it has to offer us usually stated in the content of its marketing strategy whatever it may be. Content marketing is a marketing strategy that revolves around the creation, publication, and distribution of content to a target audience in order to bring new traffic to your business. The content could be a written text, an audio message or a video giving off a message of values. As a professional counselor for example, we may decide to develop and post content on how to overcome depression and addiction.

Some individuals may decide to follow the tips contained in my publication while others may decide to consult me for professional assistance. In other words, content marketing is giving the right information to the right people. YouTube channels can be considered a medium for content marketing as you can find various videos on things that affect you daily on YouTube. Ranging from cooking tutorials, to hair making tutorials, to baking tutorials, to learning videos for various subject and courses and so on. This is one reason why content marketing is important for your brand.

This article will give you five out of the many reasons why content marketing is the future of your brand.

#1 SEO Friendly, More Traffic and More Leads

Whether you are using content marketing via a blog or via social media, you are guaranteed on improving your SEO as you will improve on the content you develop to ensure that they are well optimized. After using content marketing for a long time, you will have to know about Magento development and mistakes to avoid while designing an online store. You may not need to consult an SEO agency, as your knowledge of SEO will be topnotch. Focusing on a content marketing strategy will help you develop optimized content that will reflect in the level of optimization your website will have.

This will help increase your SEO ranking and, therefore, affect the traffic you receive. A higher SEO ranking means that your blog or website will appear as one of the top results whenever web users search for a relative content contained in your blog or website. This will increase the likelihood of people clicking on your link to view the content of your website. This will in turn affect the likelihood of people taking the call to action or actually patronizing you.

#2 Customer Oriented and Futuristic

Using the example, we stated earlier, the idea is to give people what will be of value to them. Most marketing strategies are aimed at getting from the prospects but content marketing is different because it is not all about getting from the prospects. Not everyone will take the call to action as some individuals may decide to do it on their own. Notwithstanding, any prospect taking the call to action is assured that you care about him/her as much as you care about making money.

Content marketing due to its customer-oriented nature is a guaranteed long-term investment with assured high returns. Though not all that read your article may seek your professional help as a counselor, they are most likely to refer individuals going through addiction or depression to you and/or your content. Most people think that content marketing is just about getting new leads, it has actually gone beyond that as it is proven to help you retain the leads you get. With increased traffic, you are also creating an increased awareness about your brand and you are more likely to get more conversions.

#3 Professionalism and Brand Creation

Customer Oriented Business Shake Hands Black and WhiteContent and branding are 2 strategies complementing each other in marketing.

The fact that content marketing is aimed at satisfying the customer first speaks volumes about it trustworthy nature.

Putting your customer first and ensuring they come first will cause them to trust you. Furthermore, not being so eager to snap the money off your prospects' pocket goes a long way to prove that you are a professional and not just some money hungry fellow looking for means to enrich himself. Gone were the days when a brand was a company with a name and a logo, these days brands are entities people are glad to be part of because of the value it gives them.

Looking at what has been stated above and this definition you will see that content marketing is the foundation for establishing your brand. Even when your services are pricey, people will still subscribe to it because it gives them value and makes them feel secure. If your business is international and not only local, you need to implement a successful international content strategy for your brand.

Content marketing does not showcase marketing in its raw form, instead, it showcases professionalism, courtesy and other humanitarian qualities. This will cause your brand to grow and make people stick to your brand even when your services are a bit higher than those of your competition.

You want to use content marketing to answer your buyer personas' questions but also to tell your brand's story. Brand storytelling will help you get close to your customersand you'll gain more loyal customers over time. Why? Because you propose them more than just products, you tell a story. And who doesn't like a good story?

#4 Increased Social Media Presence

Increase Social Networks Media Presence Content Marketing BrandingContent marketing is an art and once you master it, you will attract more clients. People are guilty of jumping on trends and there is a higher chance that they will repost a message they see as valuable. From news to gossips, to jokes, to tutorial videos and so on.

This is another means by which you can use content market to showcase yourself to the world. You can create a video or a written message that contains valuable information to people while linking it to your abilities or duties as a professional. To help you gain more attention, you can observe the current trend and develop your content in line with it.

Still using the counseling psychology example, you can create a content on self-esteem or cyberbullying if there are reports of children running away from school r the internet as a result of being bullied in the past.

Though it is true that some individuals may decide to personalize the message as if they created it (bloggers are very much guilty of this), you can leave a sort of watermark on it that will always trace it back to you. You can add backlinks to the image so that when clicked on will lead prospects to your website or blog. Important note: don't forget that consistency on social media is crucial to build a successful brand.

#5 Positive Feedback and Customer-Based Referrals

If I want to buy a phone for example, I will look and the phone specifications if it is what I want from a phone. After which, I will look at the review given by individuals who have used that phone to ascertain if the phone is actually what the manufacturer claim it to be. This is because manufacturers usually focus on the selling point of their product (which is most times not unique) while they downplay the not too good side of their product.

Positive Feedback and Customer-Based ReferralsWith content marketing in its true form however, your business is advertised in its true nature and nothing is hidden. This may be quite a bitter pill to swallow but it is worth it in the end. This is because, the best person that can advertise your product is someone who has adequate knowledge of it and content marketing provides adequate knowledge of your product.

When your product lives up to the standard you claim it does, you will receive positive feedback from your customers.

It will not just end there, as these customers are more than likely to proclaim the gospel of your business to other prospects in need of it. To push your customer-based referral even more, you could also create a referral marketing strategy enticing your customers to invite their friends/contacts. This method has helped you reach out to more people by reaching out to a significant number. We call this influencer marketing in content marketing except that you do not actually pay your customers to do so for you.

So, why content marketing is the future of your brand?

Content marketing gives tremendous results for SEO, traffic and lead generation. It doesn't stop there as content marketing is a good long-term plan that will help make your brand more than a name and a logo. It will bring value, trust and professionalism. These values will not just bring in new customers; it will help the old customers you have to continue staying with you while telling others about how good you are.

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