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5 Best PHP Frameworks to use for Your Web Application

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PHP is the most widely used programming language on the web, powering popular websites such as Facebook and Wikipedia. It’s easy to learn and lets you build web applications quickly.

A software framework is useful when it comes to building a web application from scratch. In the present situation, the coding sophistication has risen to such an extent that creating a very simple site has turned into a time-consuming and awkward task for programmers.

PHP, a server-side scripting language, includes an array of frameworks that assist businesses to construct robust web applications with no hassle. Here’s a listing of the 5 Best PHP Frameworks to utilize for Your web app.

5 Best PHP Frameworks to use for Your Web Application


Laravel is the most famous PHP framework that has got tremendous traction among the developer’s community across the globe since its inception.

By MVC design to artisan games console to eloquent ORM, Laravel is brimmed with exemplary characteristics which make developing a site a trouble-free affair for associations. Aside from that, improved site safety, quick info migration, strong pagination are a few notable reasons which make Laravel the very best PHP framework to develop web applications.


CodeIgniter is another open-source PHP framework that is known for its lightness and speed. It’s used to develop lightweight web apps that run easily on small servers. Some notable features of CodeIgniter comprise MVC-based program, query builder database service, session management, full-page caching, etc…


Released in 2005, Symphony is used to develop complex and large-scale web applications. This PHP frame also follows MVC design which enables coders to split their big scale projects into different segments for greater direction.

Symfony includes a set of elements that are utilized by a few popular CMS like OroCRM, PHP bulletin boards, Drupal, etc…


Zend is a highly customizable PHP framework that is used to create the basic structure of web applications. It’s also referred to as an object-oriented platform since it allows programmers to reuse the present code whenever demanded. What’s more, the frame is equipped with debugging and programming tools that help create complex sites.


Yii(Yes, it is) is a component-based object-oriented framework used for building all types of modern-day web applications. Owing to the extensive caching service and component-based structure, Yii is employed for growing web portals, content management systems, and eCommerce sites.

Wrap Up

While those are a few popular PHP frameworks that may be utilized to develop an agile web program, there are a lot more including Phalcon, CakePHP, Gas PHP, Slim, etc… But, picking out the frame which is suitable for your company requirements and streamlines the development procedure is vital.

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