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4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Still Enjoy Your Vacation

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Finally, it’s time to leave the daily grind behind you and relax for a bit. Living on a tight schedule can fade away, and you can now concentrate on yourself. Downtime, finally! But does this break also mean your health has to go to the side?

Are you nervous that vacation means an extra 5 pounds? Traveling may seem a bit worried for those fighting to maintain fitness. Don’t let it scare you. Stay on track and still have a good time by completing the following steps.

4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Still Enjoy Your Vacation

1. Let Yourself Indulge

Okay, you don’t want to kick back drinks all day, and living off of french fries and ice cream probably isn’t a good idea either. But you can accept that it’s time to enjoy foods you may not otherwise consume.

Allow yourself to splurge once a day. Pick a mealtime when you know you want something over-the-top yummy. Make that your daily treat, and don’t regret it.

The rest of the day, focus on healthy choices such as starting the day with a nutritious breakfast or selecting some clean snacks for those hunger calls. Giving yourself a little means you aren’t sacrificing, and eating well throughout the morning and afternoon means establishing balance in the diet.

2. Pick Active Excursions

Consider how you spend your time. Are you moving around, burning calories and energy or are you staying stationary most of the time? Plan an activity each day that gets your heart rate up and allows you to experience something new or exciting. Are you looking into Alaskan cruises? Schedule an outing in town where you walk all day.

Perhaps they have a hike in nature, allowing you to learn about the native wildlife. These choices permit you to find joy in something healthy.

Lounging around the pool can make a list. Yes, you can spend extra time in bed, and just be sure you have some other time set aside to rev yourself up and keep that head clear and waistline trim.

3. Stay Hydrated

Sometimes the stomach growls not because it’s hungry but because it requires water. Keep those cravings at bay by drinking enough water to keep you hydrated.

Generally, doctors recommend consuming about 64 to 100 ounces a day. If you are in a warm climate or moving around a lot, you may even want more than that.

The fluid permits the body’s temperature to remain level and the organs to flush out toxins. Missing these steps leads to possible issues with excess thirst, exhaustion and headaches.

Keep this step simple. Drink a glass with breakfast and promptly fill a travel water bottle of at least 18 to 20 ounces. Take it with you on excursions or sip it as you relax at the beach. Refill it as soon as you finish.

4. Pack Your Essentials

What do you rely on daily to keep you feeling good and upbeat? Do you like protein shakes? Do you take a multi-vitamin each morning? Take these products with you, integrating them into your eating routine.

After all, breaking too many habits may feel awkward, and you want to feel relaxed and content. It’s okay to bring a bag of snacks to the vacation home. If traveling with them sounds complicated, ship them there or hit up a local health store when you arrive.

Remember that your mindset is essential to staying healthy and happy, so don’t sacrifice your preferences. Your favorite treats could come along for the trip too.

Pull out your biggest suitcase, and load it up. Your time off is calling. While you’re seeking out adventures or simply detoxing from your worklike, keep in mind that personal choices influence your health.

Don’t give up on everything. Make a plan to indulge a bit each day, but balance that luxury with exercise and nutritious snacking and meals. With the right choices, you can stay healthy on vacation.

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