07.06.2024 13:30

4 Types of Blog Content that Always Creates a Buzz

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Buzz worthy blog content is shared, gets visitors to explore your website and is conversed about around the water cooler. If you want more people than your friends, mom and a few colleagues to read your blog content, it’s time to use these four tips.

Newsy Content

You don’t need write engaging content about what Kim Kardashian was wearing last night to write a newsy blog. Pick a hot topic and write blog content. Trendy blogs are more likely to get shared through social media.

If you are an investment company, you don’t have to rehash the same information about the stock market. You could write about the latest news about the financial woes of countries such as Spain to inform your reader and make you look like an expert on the global economy.


People love interviews, because it reveals the “man behind the curtain” of companies and businesses. Interview an interesting person in your field to create engaging content. For instance, a catering company could post an interview with a local chef. The interview gets people hungry about food, and check out your company.


Lists are:

  • Easy to read
  • Quickly inform your reader
  • Succinctly sum up your opinions about topics

Make a list of favorite travel destinations, best ways to clean a car, restaurants that serve good sake. The list is endless of things to list for blog content.


An infographic is a visual representation of information. When used as blog content, you can create an infographic about a specific issue. For example, a bike shop can create an infographic that displays how much money you save by biking to work rather than driving to work.

Pretty slick. An infographic with engaging content informs the reader, gets them interested in your products and increases traffic to your website.

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