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4 Proven Ways to Double Your Savings

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Expanding your wealth is a great accomplishment, and it’s a promise given by enthusiastic counselors. Perhaps it stems from a fundamental aspect of our investor psychology—the risk-takers in us who crave fast profit. There are five essential strategies for doubling your money, including diversifying your portfolio and investing in speculative goods.

In general, investing almost double your income can be done securely over several years or rapidly, although those who are impatient run the danger of losing most or all of their money.

However, doubling your capital is a reasonable goal that any investor should strive for. There are five ways to get there in general. So let’s talk about that.

John Houseman “they make money the old fashioned way—they earn it.”

That advertising isn’t too far off the mark when it regards to the most traditional method of doubling your money.

Investing in a strong, non-speculative portfolio that is varied between blue-chip companies and investment bonds is a tried-and-true strategy to double your money in a fair amount of time. Of course, it won’t double in a year, but given the 72-hour rule, it should eventually.

“Buy when there is blood in the streets, even if it is their own blood,” says Baron Rothschild.

Only the most conservative investor understands that there exists a significant moment when you must purchase, not because everyone else is doing so, but because everyone else is selling.

Otherwise strong company’s share prices occasionally go through slumps, which intensify as fickle investors bailout, much as great athletes go through slumps when many spectators turn their backs.

Nobody is advising you to invest in rubbish stocks. On the contrary, the idea is that strong assets can get overvalued at times, which creates a purchasing opportunity for investors who have done their due diligence.

“Never Invest in a Business You Can’t Understand” Warren Buffet

There are rapid and slow methods to double your money, just as there are fast and slow ways to travel to the same destination on the highway. Bonds can be a less nerve-wracking ride to the same destination if you prefer to play it safe. Take zero-coupon bonds, such as traditional U.S. savings bonds.

Zero-coupon bonds may appear scary to the uninformed. In truth, they’re easy to comprehend. You acquire a bond at a discount to its ultimate value at maturity rather than a bond that pays you a monthly interest payment.

“An important key to investing is to remember that stocks are not lottery tickets” Peter Lynch

While some investors prefer to take it slow and steady, others find themselves struggling. Options, leverage trading, or penny stocks may be the quickest way for these people to boost their savings. Unfortunately, everyone has the ability to rapidly deplete a savings account.

Shares options, like call and put options, can be used to trade on the stock of any business. As a result, options may turbo-charge the success of a portfolio for many investors, especially those who have their finger on the pulse of a given industry.
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