14.07.2023 11:30

4 Best Practices to Manage Offshore Teams Effectively

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In the pursuit of IT talents, many companies started looking abroad. Hiring offshore developers have become a modern reality that is happening in many industries around the globe. Although it seems like the start-ups and big companies felt relieved to pass the job to someone else who is on the other side of the world and still get a profit from the business, they are very challenged to manage them effectively.

Let’s read the best four practices to help you as a business owner handle the offshore challenges that appear and manage them the best you can.

  • Motivate the Team

To achieve amazing results in the company, you need to motivate your employees, even though they are located from distance. This is especially a challenge when managing offshore teams. There are two important things you need to keep in mind so the offshore team feels motivated and gets the feedback they want to hear.

Have you thought of setting a local team leader? If not, you should find the right team member from the team for this position and assign him. But this is not enough.

You should be also present in the online chats and available most of the time. Become their motivator and don’t be afraid to overcommunicate and praise your team more often.

  • Unify your Team

For the team to function effectively it should be seen as one family. Apply a unified approach for all members of the company, including those offshore. Sharing your vision, mission, values, and corporate culture with remote teams and include them in the business meetings, corporate events, and strategic sessions.

Communication is important so make sure you keep it on a regular basis with every remote employee and manage it well in the long run. Don’t forget to plan the meetings according to the time zone, especially those that are located offshore. Make sure the time for a meeting is good for every worker.Presentations are great for communicating with your team remotely. Using visually stunning templates for PowerPoint can help to create engaging remote presentations making for an effective mode of team unification and collaboration.

  • Automatize the Process

The software your in-house developers use should be the same as those working remotely and you will avoid errors within the system. Pay attention to the product development methodology, since it differs in some countries. Asian developers mostly have strict rules and processes and it’s better to find alternative ways to manage offshore teams in different countries.

However, many countries have similar agile methodologies, like developers from European and American countries, and tend to keep the offshore collaboration easier and for a longer period, compare to those with Asian professionals.

  • Contribute to Dedication

Dedication states for the new development team to be committed to the company they work for and contribute to the overall success of the company.

For the company members to be committed they need to gain trust and strong communication and relationships based on trust are nothing less. Good commitment and dedication add to the company’s values.

When working with offshore teams, you get a chance to share different cultural views, different values, and ideas. Keep an interest in their lives so you build stronger communication and most importantly make them feel valuable. Give them a chance to show their professionalism and always make them feel wanted and important and you will get a great commitment in return.

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