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4 Best Practices for Effective Email Newsletters

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Many businesses overlook the value of the email newsletter, assuming this digital marketing tool is archaic and ineffective in this day and age.

For many, even putting together email blasts can take a sizeable chunk of time, let alone an email newsletter, so companies consider the effort a waste of time.

But in reality, email newsletters are more effective then ever. In fact:

  • Over half of email subscribers spend between 10 and 60 minutes reading marketing emails every single week.
  • 90% of users elect to receive marketing updates via email newsletter over Facebook.
  • Email newsletters acquire new customers 40 times more often than Twitter or Facebook.

Your business, too, can take advantage of email newsletters to attract attention and convert leads into customers. To get you started, we’ve recommended four email newsletter tips for you to follow.

4 Tips for Creating Effective Email Newsletters

1. Spread the Goodness Out

Long-form content works exceptionally well for blog posts, but people don’t consume emails the same way. Instead, readers usually glance over email content, checking for any text or visual elements that stand out to them.

Make sure to break your email newsletter down into easily digestible sections of text and to heavily rely on images and other visual assets to convey your message. This will help your audience stay engaged with your content and retain more information from your email newsletter.

2. Take Time on Your Subject Lines

Nothing drives the open, click-through, and conversion rates of your email newsletters more than your subject lines. Take the time to craft a compelling and actionable, yet succinct, subject line for each email newsletter.

Remember this: You can spend hours or even days creating great email newsletter content, but it won’t amount to anything for your business if your subject lines don’t get clicks from your audience.

3. Design Your CTA Button with Care

Every one of your email newsletters should include a clear, specific call-to-action that shows people what you want them to do and what they’ll receive in return.

And, so people will actually click on it, your CTAs need to attract attention. That’s why we suggest using CTA buttons instead of a links, as they both catch the eye and are easier for your mobile readers to click. For more information, check out our previous post on ways to hack the effectiveness of your CTA button.

4. Choose Send Times Strategically

To maximize the effectiveness of your email newsletters you have to optimize every possible element—even your time of distribution. Often you can the success of your email newsletters simply by being strategic with your sending schedule.

Consider sending your emails over the weekends when competition is low and attention spans are high. Break your market into time zones so that your emails are sent to every prospect at peak hours.

What tactics have you had success with in the past to create effective email newsletters? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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