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10 Ways that You Can Improve Your Business’ Security

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As a business owner, you’ll likely understand that should a break-in or burglary occur on your business premises, you could be facing disaster. 

In fact, the last crime against businesses statistics published by the UK government states that;

In the transport and storage sector, there were 2,755 crimes per 1,000 premises, 

The agricultural sector suffered mostly from vandalism, theft, and burglary,

The construction sector had 910 crimes per 1,000 premises.

Surely the above statistics not only show an insight into a current crime against businesses but also highlights the importance of ensuring that you have a solid, effective business security solution.

The following tips have been collated in collaboration with Brunel Fire & Security, one of the countries leading security companies.

Protect Valuables within the Premises

Exactly as with domestic burglaries, commercial burglaries will typically be motivated by items with high values and because the perpetrator is tempted to these items. 

By providing lockers for your employees, you can be sure that their personal items aren’t left exposed. It’s also recommended that any other business-owned valuables are locked away at all times, in a safe, for example. These business-owned valuables include important documents and money, which are kept on site.

Install a CCTV System

A CCTV system will help to protect both personnel and property within your business, as well as acting as a visual deterrent against potential criminals.

Whilst you will have to take the time to put up signs to inform visitors that they are being filled at all times, this is a small price to pay, as a CCTV system could be the difference between a criminal choosing to target your business or another. 

A well-installed CCTV system will also mean, should your business premises, unfortunately, become the target of vandalism, you’ll have comprehensive evidence to use with insurers and to help catch the perpetrator red-handed.

Security Lighting

It’s a fact that many criminals will choose to use the cover of darkness to break into a property. 

An Alarm System

Should criminals gain access to your property, or damage it, installing an alarm will ensure that they are detected straight away. By shortening the amount of time they have within your premises, will mean that a lot less harm is caused.

Be Clear of Your Security Objectives

If you want to keep your business safe, it is important to know exactly what you want to achieve from installing your new security system. Would you like to monitor how many people are accessing your site, or recognize car number plates as they enter your car park?.

Keep Security Details Safe

It’s vitally important that you don’t over-share details about your business’ security system. Then, be conscious of who knows what about the business’ security and why they require that information.

A good example of this is keeping note of who has access to specific password information and ensuring that those details are changed should that employee leave.

Monitor Access

Another security method that is well worth considering is access control. If you have people coming and going throughout the day, access control will give you the peace of mind that only those who are authorized to enter the building are accessing your premises.

Understand Your Current Security System and its Pitfalls

Take the time to think about your current business security systems and where it needs improving. This will stand you in good stead when choosing a new system, allowing you to ensure that nothing is forgotten.

In fact, many security professionals will be able to carry out and provide you with a report as to where you need to improve your current system to ensure that you’re completely safe.

Choose the Right Keyholders

It’s important to regularly review who you have chosen as keyholders and consider whether or not they will be able to respond quickly should there be a security incident.

You should also regularly double-check the contact details you have of your keyholders. If they have a new phone number and therefore are uncontactable, there could be huge delays in the event of an emergency.

Regularly Check for Site Changes

This is potentially one of the most important steps in this guide. Regularly checking over your site and making yourself aware of any changes that could compromise the overall security, could make a huge difference. Therefore, you’ll be able to change them before they become problematic.

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