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10 Types Of Videos You Can Use To Promote Your Brand

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There’s a limit to gaining traction from your social media posts. You need to come up with a new approach to make the most out of your marketing campaign.

Videos play an integral role in helping you achieve your marketing goals. However, there are several types of videos, and each of them plays its specific part. So, you need to choose the one that aligns with your marketing strategy.

They tend to gain the attention of your target audience in an instant and engage them for a longer period of time. Therefore, marketers must produce videos so that you better interact with their target audience. Moreover, it covers the areas where textual content and visuals cannot go, such as video hosting platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and others.

Although it takes tremendous amounts of time and effort to produce video, it’s worth it. Asit helps marketers to achieve their marketing goals.

So, we’ve listed the 10 types of video you should leverage in your video marketing strategy.

The Spot

It’s a short video, generally utilized in commercials. Therefore, its length is under 30 seconds. Within these few seconds, marketers have to convey their brand’s message succinctly, whether it’s introducing the brand or promoting their product or service.

The best part of the spot is that it can be pushed on TV or video hosting platforms like YouTube. Since you’ve got very short of time on your hands when producing this type of video. Therefore, it’s crucial that you make a dynamic impact on the minds of your target audience.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a terrific way to explainer your highly complex product or service in the simplest manner. You can incorporate these videos either on your homepage or landing page. Generally, explainer videos are made in 2D animation that explains the brand.

However, an explainer video can also be in a live-action format or typographic video with aesthetic visuals to explain its message to the target audience.

Product demo

The product demo is slightly different from explainer videos. In product demos, marketers are showing off the features of their brand rather than explaining their complexity in the simplest manner.

If you’re creating a product demo, you need to include a dynamic personality that will address the target audience’s pain points and showcase your brand to resolve their problems in a most exciting manner.

CorporateCulture Video

Corporate culture videos are great for exhibiting your company’s culture that it’s not limited to promoting your brand but for your entire company.

Moreover, when you showcase your ethics and culture, you’d attract potential customers and potential employees as well.

When you’re creating a corporate culture video, ensure to include some of your best employees and let them tell their story. Giving them the freedom to express their views and say good about your company will only benefit your company in the long run.

Behind-The-Scenes Video

People love to see the sneak peek and behind the scenes videos of their favorite brand. You should listen to your target audience and give them what they want.

In this way, your audience will connect with your brand on a deeper level by watching what you do best.

It works great for anything related to art and engineering. With behind-the-scenes video, you’d able to show off your creativity with your beloved fans around the world.

Video Testimonials

If there’s one thing that makes a huge impact on the target audience’s minds is the customer testimonial videos. It’s brilliant to gain the trust of your brand. This is because you’re not using your marketing managers to promote your product or service, but the actual customers who have used your brand and reaps its benefits.

Moreover, your potential customers, anything coming from your company’s side, want someone who isn’t on your payroll.

With testimonials, you’d empower your customers to share their story and address their pain points and how your brand helps their resolve them their issues. In this way, you’re giving credit to your customers for using your brand, which will create a loyal following to your brand.

Employee Portrait Video

Sometimes a headshot of the company’s executive isn’t enough. If you want to create a deeper connection with your target audience, it’s essential to have a short portrait video for your business.

Portrait videos work wonders in showcasing the core values of your company. In this way, the potential customers realize that your brand doesn’t exist just for the sake of making money.

If you’re a startup business, then you should include a portrait video of your business. This will help in getting more attention in your community and will also help in expanding your business.

Web Series

It’s one of the most challenging videos to produce. It includes humor and a lot of fun for the viewers to enjoy. To make these videos, you can get inspiration from The Office TV show, where the entire series resolves around bizarre characters dealing with their professional and personal issues. Similarly, you also start a quirky web series that revolves around your business and your brand.

The Mini-Documentary

The mini-documentary is a blend of Corporate Culture Video and Behind-The-Scenes Video.

With a mini-documentary, you can exhibit the story of how your business expands in the competitive world with a closer look at your personnel.

You can also collaborate with other brands and do cross-promotion that will win your company’s win-win situation.

Short Film

Finally, a short film is another way you make a dynamic impact on your target audience’s minds. Yes, a short film similar to a feature film with all the characters, script, and plot.

When you’re creating a short film, all the story characters should revolve around your brand.

For instance, the chocolate store could be a romantic story of a guy trying to impress her beloved girlfriend.


Well, these are the top 10 types of videos that you can leverage in your video marketing strategy.

So, whether you want to a increase brand awareness, generate leads, share your vision for your brand, or even show your prospect how you work, you need to leverage videos to gain instant attention from the target audience.

Videos will help sustain and thrive in the competitive world.

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