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10 Reasons to Study Machine Learning in 2022

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If you read about the future of Machine Learning, it will definitely motivate you in pursuing it and help you with the learning process. This article talks about the ten reasons why you should start studying it right now. It talks about the short-term, long-term, financial, developmental, and socioeconomic impacts of Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is the field of study that allows computers to execute specific functions and modify them with time without being explicitly programmed.

Machine Learning programs aim to allow the code to run and adapt with time without the need for human intervention.

Machine Learning works completely differently than traditional programming while still sharing the same attributes.

It opens up unlimited options and endless opportunities for an individual. There are infinite reasons why you should study AI and machine learning.

Here are the top ten reasons that you must dive into for understanding the world of Artificial Intelligence with a simple machine learning course.

1. The career Opportunities

Being a modern-day science with unlimited applications, AI and Machine Learning opens up a plethora of career opportunities for everyone. As it’s a new field in technology, you will face less competition while choosing a career path because there are fewer experts in the industry of Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence. At the same time, its vast usability and applications ensure dynamic and unlimited options while providing a safe future.

According to Datamation, the Machine Learning market crossed the one billion landmark in 2020 with a value of $1.41 billion. And it is expected to exponentially grow to a massive $8.1 billion in an unbelievably smaller time frame, i.e., before 2025.

Hence, it is safe to assume that a Machine Learning course will grant you a better and brighter future. And even if you don’t bet on the future, you will have plenty of amazingly high-paying jobs in the top companies in the world now.

2. Freelancing Opportunities

With a Machine Learning course at your disposal, you’re not limited to traditional jobs. You can freelance and earn money from the best employers in the world while sitting in the comfort of your home next to your loved ones.

It also permits you to work from home or at any place of your convenience. Freelancing simplifies your life indefinitely, and Machine Learning opens these opportunities for you.

3. Machine Learning and Future

With an increasing number of companies focusing on automating the operations and increasing the use of artificial intelligence in every section of the processes, it is easy to predict that the future for Machine Learning engineers will be secured.

Machine Learning comes with a wide range of applications for companies. From simple chat boxes on websites to complicated operations such as performing critical surgeries on humans and animals, it is helping the world and making a positive impact. It is also ensuring a well-balanced future and creating many opportunities for the engineers in the process.

4. Automation with AI and AutoML

Perhaps the most useful application of Machine Learning, at present, is in the automation of the processes. Coding in itself creates opportunities for automation, while AI and Machine Learning take it one step further and ensure the sustainability of operations by leveraging advanced algorithms.

A dynamic code that modifies and improves itself always has the edge over a static one. Machine Learning revolutionizes automation with modern solutions to the variables of business and non-business processes.

AutoML with Azure is a great starting point for learning automation. It offers great facilities for students with coding and non-coding backgrounds.

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5. Infinite Learning Possibilities

With the novelty of the field, the constantly changing dynamics of the studies, and an ongoing need for creative and newer solutions to the advanced problems, there are more learning possibilities and opportunities in Machine Learning than one may realize.

There are a million things to learn about in Machine Learning. And it opens infinite learning possibilities by helping you continue learning while also working on it.

And having a powerful impact on you, your company, your country, and the world, Machine Learning brings tremendous value with it. Your curiosity is the only limit, as there are infinite things you can do with Machine Learning. The easiest way to start is with a simple Machine Learning course.

Choosing the right Machine Learning course and starting with the right Machine Learning skills helps you study Machine Learning with utmost ease and comfort. You can also go with any programming language, such as Python Machine Learning, to get things started. Python is easy to read and write and has a massive library and an amazing community to help you with the basics. Then you should learn statistics and applied mathematics and go ahead with more nuanced and specific specialization topics.

6. Eases up the Entry in Other Fields

Machine Learning also forces you to learn the core subjects such as applied maths, physics, data analytics, natural language and audio/video processing, neural networks, Python Machine Learning, and many more. These ensure a clear and fundamental understanding of computers. You can apply these in multiple fields.

Thus, if you decide to gather knowledge in other computer science fields and change career paths, the transition will be relatively easier with Machine Learning as a base. There is always a cushioning with this field as you do not need to start something else from scratch.

7. The Entry Barrier

The relatively high entry barrier in the field of Machine Learning guarantees very little competition in the business.

And if there are a few people to do a job that demands more work, these few people are going to get paid a lot higher if the wealth were to dilute.

Starting with a Machine Learning course is enough to beat almost half of your competition. As explained expertly by MJ DeMarco in his book ‘The Millionaire Fastlane’, the high entry barrier ensures less competition and stacks the odds in your favor.

8. The Hot Topic in The Market

Yes, part of the reason why you’re reading this article is that you heard about it from someone or you saw or read about it somewhere. But don’t worry; you’re not the only one who’s talking about AI and Machine Learning.
If you took part or watched any smartphone or tech launch event from the last year or two, you must have been greeted with a separate section of experts talking about how they utilized AI and Machine Learning in their product. After all, AI and Machine Learning is hot topic in all the current computer science conversations!

Companies are using it to minimize unnecessary hindrances and technological limitations by leveraging Machine Learning capabilities to scale their businesses. Individuals are talking about it as it is an obvious step towards an AI-driven future.

And common people are talking about it because of the stories of the machine learning professionals getting high salary jobs floating in every other day.

All in all, Machine Learning is a hot topic of discussion these days, and with every company trying to push its limits, this conversation is surely not going to end anytime soon.

9. The Impact

The huge impact that Machine Learning has on the modern world is almost impossible to articulate. Have you ever wondered how YouTube recommends exactly the video you want to watch every single time? The answer is simple. YouTube does it with the help of a Machine Learning-based algorithm.

From your voice searches on google and conversations with google assistant or Siri to you finding the perfect items almost always on Amazon and Flipkart, Machine Learning has taken over your life in more ways than you ever realized.

10. A Competitive Edge

Machine Learning can add to your existing skills and help you build an unignorable resume.

It can complement your skills to make for a better appraisal pitch, initial pitch for a new job, elevate your experience with computers and make you a better computer scientist and programmer.

With the right Machine Learning skills at your disposal, you become unstoppable with the course name stamped on your resume.

Bottom Line

Machine Learning not only gives you short-term benefits of getting high-salary jobs and the first mover’s advantage, but it also ensures a great future with great demand. It helps you set yourself apart from the competition with great learning opportunities and a high entry barrier. So, other than these ten, there are a number of reasons justifying why you should study Machine Learning.

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